Is 15 Mbps Good Internet?

Here we will see about the Is 15 Mbps Good Internet?


In the present era of digitalization and modernization of everything that surrounds us, the internet has become a very basic commodity of need in people’s lives. There is nothing which we cannot do via the internet, ranging from entertainment to studying to working for a living. The internet has surely opened up new avenues in present-day lives. The internet became even more essential during the ongoing pandemic our world is going through presently, with more and more people worldwide forced to leave behind their work and sit at their homes.

Is 15 Mbps Good Internet?

Internet speeds are essential as well because low speeds cannot be used for multitasking on the internet. 15 Mbps is considered to be fast internet. A regular user can do almost all of the tasks effortlessly at this speed. However, if one is a developer, then they might prefer those internet connections which offer speeds greater than 30 Mbps at least.

Things that can be done at 15 Mbps internet speed:

As already mentioned, 15 Mbps is a good internet speed and is well suited to meet many demands of a normal internet user. They include: 

  1. Stream HD or 4K videos on the internet without any buffering
  2. Surfing the internet
  3. Playing games on the internet and streaming them simultaneously
  4. Online studies and attending live video lectures or conferences
  5. Multitasking up to a certain level such as doing something on the internet along with listening to online music or playing videos on YouTube 
  6. Online shopping can also be done effortlessly on the said internet speed, provided there are not many background tasks being carried out

Things that cannot be done at 15 Mbps internet speed:

Certain things cannot be done on the internet with a 15 Mbps speed as well. Such a list would include:

  1. If there are two or more users for the same internet connection, then, 15 Mbps won’t be enough to cater to both of their needs
  2. People who perform high-end stuff on the internet such as web development, stack development, etc. won’t find 15 Mbps internet speeds to be too reliable
  3. Multitasking may face problems sometimes
  4. Uploading data would become extremely slow as the upload speeds are usually significantly lower than the download speeds
  5. There might be lags while using those apps which require internet connectivity for running
  6. Updating apps and installing the necessary system updates may become a headache if the internet speed is as such


We have seen in this article that a 15 Mbps internet connection can be considered fast enough for everyday regular use. The speed is capable enough to handle full HD streaming, light gaming, and surfing simultaneously. There might be occasional lags, but the problems should not persist for long. The costs are affordable as well. Therefore, it is no surprise that speeds of around 15 Mbps are quite common in many places around the globe. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Question. Where can I test my internet’s speed?

There are several ways in which one can check his/her internet speed. Simply type in “Speed test” by opening your search engine and thousands of results will pop up on the screen. Any of these websites can be used, as most of these are provided by reliable sources. The most popular ones include CloudFare, Meteor, Speed Test Master, etc. Although, it must be noted that around 30-40 MB of data is used while conducting a speed test.

Question. What are the best Internet Service providers in the United States?

The United States ranks 13th in the list of countries based on the internet speed provided. Many well-known service providers provide high-speed internet at affordable prices. A few of the top internet service providers in the US include RCN, Cox, Mediacom, Xfinity, etc. All these companies have several plans suited to meet the needs of different types of users on the internet.

Question. What can I do to improve my internet speed?

The simple answer would be to upgrade the package from the Internet Service Provider. But there are other problems which may cause a decrease in the internet speed. The users can try and fix these issues to increase the internet speed. Trivial measures such as fixing the antivirus program, restarting the modem/router, updating all the device drivers, etc. can help to improve the internet speed sometimes.

Question. Should I be worried if my internet speed never reaches 15 Mbps?

The answer is yes. While an internet speed of 15Mbps is sufficient enough to handle everyday tasks, speeds less than that would cause exceptional delays in downloading things or streaming 4K/FHD videos. Therefore, it is advisable in such cases to change the current plan or the internet service provider entirely. The new plan should be selected keeping the requirements in mind.

Is 15 Mbps Good Internet?

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