Does Home Depot Install Appliances?

Here we will see about the Does Home Depot Install Appliances?


What and where you eat, shop, sleep, all give a frame of your lifestyle. With modernity on the rise, everyone is out to find the best fit for them. Amidst this, they also look for every product and service that can enhance their lifestyle.Moreover, apart from buying products, many are getting accustomed to getting services for various chores. Given this, companies again work to provide the best services even after their item is off the list. Return policies, exchanges, warranties, or even delivery and installation, all count in today’s time. 

Does Home Depot Install Appliances?


Furniture, be it a small table or a sofa set for the living room, all define the details of what we like. We hunt for the most aesthetic, sturdy, and quality products from only the best. Moreover, we look at trends and inspire ourselves. However, after this, the next focus in our minds is placement and installation. Whether it is a dryer or a fan, getting someone to fit the same and trusting someone with your new equipment can be doubtful. In many cases, we look for services like these which come from the company itself. This article looks at one such store that offers the same on their products. Read more to learn about Home Depot’s installation of appliances. 

About Home Depot 

We want our space to look just like our personality. We want to feel comfortable and call it our own. Therefore, we go out of our way when it comes to appliances and homeware. Home Depot is among the largest stores dealing in furniture and home appliances of various kinds. Starting with a desire to reach out to those in need, Home Depot has indeed come a long way. Having kept the mission of reaching out constant, the company today is among the top in the hardware industry. Moreover, the surprise is that most of their products are built from scratch. Their belief lies in basic but reliable equipment for your space. Therefore, home decor, furniture, and all of it are designed cautiously and innovatively. 

Does Home Depot install appliances?

Home Depot has the best products. Talk about chairs, lighting, clocks, pillows, or anything you need, they have everything you need. The next question that every customer would ask is, ‘do they install the appliances for us?’ yes they do! Home Depot is among the stores that provide installation and certain other services based on their policy. 

Home Depot has a variety of installations and other services for every kind of product. Installation services are applicable on the following products: 

  • Kitchen- appliances, flooring, and countertop
  • Flooring – Carpet and tiles 
  • Doors and windows 
  • Bathroom- shower and other appliances 
  • Organization- closet, pantry, and other furniture
  • Heating and cooling appliances installation
  • Exteriors – fence, shed, and more
  • Electrical- lights, fan, and installation of other appliances and equipment
  • Assembly and mounting of appliances 
  • Carpentry- stairway, framing, and other installations 
  • Smart gadgets or appliances installation 
  • Landscape appliances installation

All you have to do is request installation at the time of ordering and if it is available, you will receive details regarding the same. There are also other services offered like cleaning, moving, repairs and so on. Home Depot even offers conversion of appliances as per their policies. You may confirm the same with the staff or by calling the helpline number. The various services offered by Home Depot are described in detail along with their approximate charges on their website. Feel free to browse the same under the Installation and services tab. 


Home Depot offers installation services on a variety of its products. Moreover, there are added services that you may request depending on availability. The procedure is simple. There will be installation charges which will depend on the product or appliance you are having installed. Installation may be basic or complex, interior or exterior, all of this will also decide the fee. 


  • Does Home Depot install at the time of delivery? 

Mostly, yes. The general procedure is the installation at the time of delivery of the product. This will be mentioned as per your instructions at the time of placing the order. 

  • Are there any installation charges for Home Depot? 

Yes. There are installation charges for Home Depot. These differ from service to service. The type of installation required and the level of work it may be can define the cost. There are prices of the same mentioned on the website. However, there may be a slight difference depending on your order’s details. 

  • Does Home Depot do servicing of appliances? 

Yes. Home Depot does certain servicing of products. These include repairs, maintenance, replacements, and so on. However, this is different for each product. To make sure that the service you’re looking for is under Home Depot’s policy, you may check their services via their website. 

Does Home Depot Install Appliances?

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