Does Revolut Do Cash Back?

Here we will see about the Does Revolut Do Cash Back?


Whether it’s shopping, eating out, starting a business or anything, lifestyle counts. . There has been significant development in the way we function and in our lifestyles. Everyone is buying and consuming smartly. Going eco-friendly, organic, or even saving and buying more for less. To match these growing trends and behaviors, companies set up policies that will benefit both the company and the customers. While many shopping stores have cost-efficient and flexible policies, even other institutions like banks, services, food outlets and more are also improving their facilities. 

Does Revolut Do Cash Back?


 Among the policies we know, return, saving, discounts, and cashback are among the prominent ones. These are framed not only for shopping brands but also for other companies. While many policies keep safety and other values first, others put customer satisfaction first. We must stay updated about the various offers to influence and reinforce the enthusiasm to carry out our daily activities. This article tells you about Revolut’s cashback policy. Yes, they do have a cashback policy on certain services which will be emphasized below.

 About Revolut 

A British banking company offering services since 2015. Revolut is among the trusted and secure financial systems doing financial transactions and providing other services with security and safety. It is designed to have all your financial business on one platform. Revolut allows you to manage expenses, make investments, manage other paid subscriptions and accounts, and more. Crypto dealing, trading, buying of gold and silver, and more are included too. They have a secured system for any financial needs and guide you through each process smoothly with no hassles. Revolt is the smart way to get your business done.

 Does Revolut do cashback?

Being a company majorly dealing with cash and other financial services, one wouldn’t expect cashback from Revolut. However, the company is flexible when it comes to the needs of its customers. There are quite a few cashback and other rewards are updated from time to time on Revolut. Each has its terms and conditions depending on the reward itself. However, there is a primary requirement for any offer. The Revolut app on your device and a Revolut account with your details in place.

 The process of getting cashback rewards is pretty simple. Revolut looks at the brands they’re partnering with and picks the best and most efficient cashback rewards that the company can accumulate for you. These include a variety of offers in hotels and lounging, shopping, travel, and more. While each may be affiliated with its brand, the cashback offer is derived from Revolut for those with Revolut membership.

 The process is as follows: 

  • 1.Go to your Revolut app on your device and log in 
  • 2.Under the rewards tab, you will find the rewards that you’re eligible for
  •  Select the cashback reward which suits you can check out its details 
  • 3.If there is a particular offer you’re looking for, feel free to browse for it with the search option
  • 4.Follow the instructions under the respective offer to avail of the same. Some may require you to visit the company website and then avail of the rewards, in this case, guidelines will be provided

Once you have claimed the same, you will be notified and the reward will be removed from the section Note that it takes up to 90 days for the cashback to arrive at your account. While this is a comparatively longer period than other cashback programs, it is part of Revolut’s policy. Moreover, there are conditions applied for each reward which you need to look through. A few common ones are:

  • 1.The reward is not validated if the item or service is returned
  • 2.The reward will be given only if it is valid on the date 
  • 3.The reward is not applicable on discounts or other codes unless otherwise mentioned

The reward is to be claimed online or offline respectively as the details say. If purchases are made the other way round, the cashback does not apply.


The policies one frames are crucial in deciding the tone and relationship the company wishes to share with its customers. Revolut has a pretty simple cashback policy. They have quite a few good offers including cashback which can be availed to the fullest with a Revolut card. Get your account today and have a look at their wholesome offers!


  • Does Revolut have a cashback policy on items purchased offline?

There is no definite policy as such. However, there may be brands and companies regularly offering cashback via Revolut on offline products. Check out the rewards tab to know the same.

  • How do I know if I am eligible for a cashback?

You can have a look at the conditions mentioned besides the cashback reward that you wish to apply .If it checks you’re good to go!

Does Revolut Do Cash Back?

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