Why Did Afterpay Declined Me?

Here we will see about the Why Did Afterpay Declined Me?

Afterpay is a financial company that gives its customers the liberty of buying now and paying later. Afterpay allows their customers to buy whatever they wish to, and pay later by up to eight weeks. Consumers can pay their money back in four installments.  

Why Did Afterpay Declined Me?

There are many reasons because of which your order is getting declined. Your credit card is out of funds, you are already in too much debt, you are a newbie at Afterpay, buying something super expensive, or you have too many open orders. These could be the main reasons why Afterpay is declining your order. Each of these reasons will be discussed further in detail.

Different reasons because of which your order is getting declined

1) Your credit card is out of funds:

If your credit card does not have enough funds, you will not be allowed to pay using Afterpay because before giving a loan, it always makes sure if you are eligible enough to pay the first payment. You can pay your payment within eight weeks with four installments and if you do not have enough credits even for your first installment then your request will be declined.

2) You are already in too much depth:

if this is the case then your request is going to get declined because Afterpay is not going to give you any money if you already owe them enough. That’s a very basic rule. If you want a new loan, pay the old one.       

3) You are a newbie at Afterpay:

If you are a new customer at Afterpay then it will be a little difficult for you to get your request accepted because Afterpay is not going to trust you right away, they need their time. After at least six weeks of continuous use, you will be eligible to take a loan. 

4) Buying something super expensive:

If you are a new customer at Afterpay and you are trying to buy something expensive then definitely your request will be canceled. At first, you should make small purchases to build a trustful relationship with them. Once you have purchased at least 100$ then maybe your request has a chance to be accepted.

5) You have many open orders:

If you have used Afterpay quite frequently then it is obvious that you may have some open orders there. You cannot have too many orders all at once from Afterpay. 

 If all reasons mentioned above do not apply to you and your request is still getting declined then you need to contact customer care explaining your issue.

Steps to get approved by Afterpay. 

  All the basic requirements given below must be carefully taken care of, to get approved by Afterpay.  

1) Customer must be an adult, that is he/she must be at least 18 years of age. If the shopper is not 18 then their account will not get approved.

2) A debit card or a credit card is a must for customers who want to shop using Afterpay. 

3) Customers need to buy items above 35$. The loan is not given for items below $35. 

4) Customer has to pay 25% of the total purchase beforehand.

5) Afterpay has a limit of $2,000. This limit should be kept in mind before requesting your loan amount. 

6) Pay off all your earlier debts before requesting more. When all your payments are cleared, it becomes easier for Afterpay to trust you with more money. 

7) Increase the funds on your credit cards. A credit card with enough funds allows you to easily get the loan approved. 

8) Be consistent. When you are consistent with your orders and purchases with Afterpay then they recognize you as a regular customer and your loan request is approved effortlessly.   


Afterpay is an American finance company that gives their customer some amount of loan to purchase items and the best part is that they do not charge any interest. Consumers are provided with the facility to buy now pay later. But the loan amount is not approved for everyone. There are many reasons why Afterpay is declining your request. All of the reasons with the requirements you need to fulfill to get your request approved were discussed briefly. 

           Frequently asked questions.

  1. Afterpay says “something went wrong”. What could be the reason?

Afterpay says “something went wrong” because the payment method you are using has insufficient funds. To get approved by Afterpay, your payment method should at least have enough funds for your first installment. 

  1. How can you unfreeze your Afterpay account?

You are free to freeze and unfreeze your Afterpay account whenever you feel like it. You just need to contact customer care and they will help you do so. If your account is frozen you will not be able to shop anymore using Afterpay until you unfreeze it. 

Why Did Afterpay Declined Me?

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