Does REI Take Afterpay?


Recreational Equipment Inc (REI), an American online and in-store sports equipment company and open-air recreation service providing cooperation(co-op). Headquarters located in Kent, Washington, United States of America. Founded in 1938, and founders of the REI co-op are Mary Anderson and Lloyd Anderson.Does REI Take Afterpay?Currently, Eric Artz is the CEO of REI company. REI sells sports-related products and gears at affordable prices. It is the most trusted website among various companies.

Does REI Take Afterpay?

Afterpay is an online payment platform. Millions of customers use Afterpay payments across many countries, like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Today more than 1300 people are working in Afterpay across the globe. Afterpay company headquarters is in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 2014, and founders are Nick Molnar and Anthony Eisen.

Does REI co-op Accept Afterpay

No, REI cooperation does not allow customers to use the Afterpay payment mode. Instead of Afterpay, REI uses Quadpay (now as ZIP) as a payment mode. Zip is the same as Afterpay, which offers customers to buy any product from REI now and can be paid later in 4 installments with no extra charge in a given time.

What is Quadpay (Zip)

Quadpay is a financial digital payment company. Quadpay, now called zip co or zip pay. Headquarters located in New York, United States of America. Founded in 2017, and founder of Quadpay is Brad Lindenberg. 

As quad pay is a subsidiary of Zip Co, it is now called Zip money. Zip Co is a digital payment company founded in 2013 and founded by Peter Gray and Larry Diamond. Zip Co, payments are based on shop now and can be paid later. Headquarters located in Sydney, Australia. Quadpay is almost the same as Afterpay payment. More than 4 million customers across the globe use Zip pay. Zip Pay is no additional charge payment mode.

How do Zip Works

For the past few years, Zip Pay to helped millions of users in shopping. Zip is used not only in online purchases but also in offline shopping. Zip Pay allows customers to pay in four installments on shopping for any product within six weeks. Customers should pay less payment of 25% on buying due to the privacy policies.

Steps How it Works

  1. Download the Zip previously Quadpay app from google play store or app store.
  2. Create an account sign up using a mobile number and email. After verification is complete, add two-step verification for safety.
  3. Log in to the app tap on the cards button in the app. It will give access to create a zip pay digital wallet. You can add the card to any online e-commerce shopping websites and offline stores for payments.
  4. Once approved, you are ready to use Zip anywhere.
  5. If you are shopping in an offline store, add Zip card details to your digital payment app or wallet. Buy now pay later in 4 installments.

Steps to Shop in REI Co-Op with Zip Pay

  1. If you are shopping in REI online store, add products to your cart.
  2. When checking out, choose Zip as your mode of payment.
  3. Choose your time and payment limits in 4 installments.
  4. Consumers can pay in between 6 weeks without any interest.
  5. The zip will notify you regarding installments and deadlines through email verified while creating a Zip account.

Growth of REI Co-Op

As REI was established in 1938, it is a well-known company and the most trusted company for outdoor gear. The company started by selling ice axes, helping adventure enthusiasts to climb mountains. REI has 165 retail stores in more than 35 states.REI co-op achieved a net income of US $21 million in 2019. More than 15000 workers work in REI across the United States.

What Does REI Sell

Does REI Take Afterpay? REI sells backpacks and their accessories, backpacking tents, sleeping bags, blankets, air mattresses, stove, fuel, dinner set, utensils, coolers, water bottles, flashlights, lanterns, tables, chairs, furniture, trekking poles, camp tools, GPS, radios, solar chargers, smartwatches, speakers, footwear for men and women.

REI also sells sunglasses, clothing for men, women, and kids, first aid kit, safety gears, repellents, toys, books, maps, flask, climbing ropes, slings, webbing, helmets, and their accessories, mountaineering tents. Bicycle-like MTB, electric bikes and various types for all, Jerseys, kayak cart, paddleboards, canoes, rafts, suits, life jackets, towels, snowboards, goggles, skis, hats, and many more in its website. REI allows you to buy its membership for the best deals. REI provides us its card for shopping. We can earn REI rewards and e gifts by shopping online.

Growth of Zip Pay

Zip aims to make payments easier, faster, and safer. 2 million customers trust Zip payment. Zip is a useful payment mode for everyone who can’t buy a product with no money. Quadpay helps to buy now and to pay later. So that one can buy a product happily now and pay in 6 weeks in 4 installments it makes problem to solve easier. There are 51,300 retailers for Zip Co. The net income of Zip pay is $5.83 billion.


REI cooperation is the oldest and most famous sports and outdoor equipment seller company.Does REI Take Afterpay? REI co-op accepts pay later payment mode. The company offers great deals on shopping on So, be one of the REI ownerships. As REI co-op accepts Afterpay, it helps the customers use the services and shop on regularly. Afterpay will not charge any interest until payment is made in 4 installments within the given time. So, customers are happy to use the Afterpay to shop on REI and for various purposes. REI is well known as one of the fastest-growing eCommerce companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does REI accept credit cards?

A.Yes, REI accepts credit cards for shopping.

2.Does the REI ownership card cost more? 

A.No, the REI ownership card costs just $20 for lifetime use. You can more rewards using an REI membership card while shopping.

3.Is Zip payment mode can be trusted for REI?

A.Yes, you can trust Zip payment for REI shopping as it very secured and data encrypted.

Does REI Take Afterpay?

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