How Fast Is Usps Ground Shipping?

Here we will see about the How Fast Is Usps Ground Shipping?

United States Postal Services (USPS) is a US-based firm, providing postal and mailing services. There are various postal facilities USPS offers including fast services like one-day shipment. Ground Shipping is one such widely used postal service. It is low-cost and uses ground routes for shipment. But how fast is it in delivering packages?

How Fast Is Usps Ground Shipping?

United States Postal Services carry out the ground shipping process within two to eight business days. It delivers packages in all the 48 states of the USA. This process is cheap but a little slower than other services like priority and first-class services. Ground Shipping or Retail Ground takes more time in shipping because it uses only roadways and not airways for transportation of packages. 

USPS Ground Shipping/ Retail Shipping

United States Postal Services is like any other postal service of the USA. You can ship your package by going to the post office of USPS.  As Retail Shipping uses roadways for the delivery of packages, it took two to eight days to reach its destined location. Due to Covid 19 restrictions, at some locations, extra time is taken for delivery. 

USPS Ground shipping is the most affordable service. Cost is calculated based on distance, the weight of the package, and dimensions. The maximum weight that could be transferred via Ground Shipping is 70 lbs. The price of shipping starts from $7.70. You can also track the package for checking the progress of shipping and the expected time if delivered. This tracking option is available to customers free of cost. However, the priority is given to fast courier services for shipping. 

When to use USPS Ground Shipping 

Ground shipping is the cheapest way of transferring your packages throughout the 48 states of the USA. But it is not suitable for every package and every destination. So for what conditions USPS ground shipping is suitable? 

Fast delivery is not required 

USPS ground shipping takes at least two to eight days to deliver. But it is a cost-saving way of delivery. So, when there is no urgency for delivery of a package then this is the best shipping service. 

For non-perishable goods

The delivery of perishable products needs to be done fast. For that airways are the best option. Choosing roadways will cause a loss of material inside the package. 

Transferring to rural areas 

Ground Shipping uses ground routes to travel. Only roadways are used by USPS for Ground Shipping. Hence, this is the only option for shipping packages in rural areas. Airways are used for shipping in big cities and shipping internationally. But the countryside does not have the facilities for plane landing. Hence, roadways are the only option here. 

Shipment of large  packages 

Ground shipping ships packages up to 70 lbs in weight. So delivering large packages is more convenient through roadways until it comes under the maximum weight category. 

Shipment of packages restricted for airways 

Certain products are restricted to take via airways. Transportation of such products could be done via USPS Ground shipping. For example- It is prohibited to take dry ice in large quantities via airway because it reacts at high altitudes. Here Ground shipping comes as a good option of shipping. 

How fast are USPS competitors in Ground Shipping 

FedEx and United Parcel Service (UPS) are major competitors of USPS. These three firms have captured the whole shopping market of the USA. Their facilities are almost the same but the price varies by little difference. 

Ground shipping services are provided by FedEx and UPS as well. FedEx took three to five for Ground Shipping. It ships to 48 states in the USA. Whereas UPS takes three to seven days for delivery of the product. The cost of both the companies varies according to the distance, size of package, and dimensions. 


USPS provides various shipping services in the USA and internationally. Ground shipping is the most used and cheap shipping option. USPS takes two to eight days to ship packages like its other competitors. It takes more time because for every delivery only roadways are used unlike other services of USPS. Therefore, it is the most suitable postal service for shipment in rural areas as aircraft can’t reach there. Additionally, it could be also used for the delivery of packages that are not allowed on flights. 


  1. Which is the fastest shipping service of USPS? 

Answer: Priority Mail Express is the fastest service of USPS. It is available for all days of the year. This service guarantees shipping within the next day to 2 days. If the delivery is not made within the stipulated time, USPS gives complete money back. 

  1. Does USPS ship internationally? 

Answer: Yes, USPS ships internationally. There are various shipping options to fulfill international shipping via USPS. Via the Global Express Guaranteed, international shipping is done within one to three days by USPS. 

How Fast Is Usps Ground Shipping?

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