Does Costco Deliver Prescriptions?

Here we will see about the Does Costco Deliver Prescriptions?

In today’s time, buyers want every product at their doorsteps. They do not want to step out for every single thing. This trend increased even more after the Covid 19 crisis. Now medicines are also delivered to homes very easily. Costco has a good grab over the grocery market and its home delivery. But does Costco also deliver prescriptions? 

Does Costco Deliver Prescriptions?

Yes, Costco delivers prescriptions in the 42 states of the USA. Last year amid increasing Covid crises it also partnered with Instacart for the fast delivery of prescriptions. You can also order your prescription from anytime. Other than prescriptions, Costco also has a variety of non-prescription medicines like minerals, vitamins, and herbal medicine. 

Ordering prescription from gives you the option of getting your medicines delivered at home. Utmost safety and privacy are taken by Costco for the proper delivery of medicines to your doorsteps. Prescriptions could be uploaded on the Costco app to get the medicines delivered. You can also add a new prescription for any change of dosage and medicines. The Costco app will remind you to order new medicines when you are about to run out of medicines. Always order a prescription a few days before you run out. 

Costco takes a time of a few days to deliver your medicines. There are three options of delivery from which customers can choose any. The free delivery took 6 to 14 days to reach you. Whereas to get an early delivery, you need to pay some extra pennies. For a three-day delivery, Costco charges $10.95 and delivers the prescription within 3 to 6 days of placing the order. Additionally, for two-day delivery, Costco takes $13.95 and the order delivers in 2 to 5 days. 

Does deliver Non-prescription medicines? 

Yes, Costco also keeps the stock of non-prescription medicines. It includes various vitamins, herbal medicines, and remedial medicines. You can order these from Some medical instruments like blood pressure measuring machines, blood sugar measuring devices, oximeters, pulse meters, etc. are also available in the health care stock of Costco. These instruments also do not require any prescriptions to order. 

Costco prescription delivery through Instacart 

Due to the Covid crisis that began in 2020, Costco realized the need for the fast delivery of prescriptions. For this, it partnered with Instacart for pharmacy delivery. Instacart is already a partner of Costco in delivering grocery and perishable goods. 

Instacart provides one-day delivery of your medicines. Now, you can order your prescription with your monthly grocery. While shopping for groceries, also add a prescription before checking out. Instacart already delivers prescriptions for CVS, Walgreen, and Rite Aid Pharmacies. 

The Instacart delivery system first began in a few states of America. Now Costco has almost 800 pharmacies in the United States. 

Costco safety measures for prescription delivery 

Costco takes proper safety measures to deliver your medicines in the best conditions. It also ensures that the product is delivered to the right person. 

  1. Deliver prescriptions in child-resistant packaging. 
  1. It hands over the package of prescription after checking your valid ID. However, you also need to upload your valid ID while uploading the prescription. 
  1. only allows adults to order prescriptions online. However, parents can order medicines for their children by adding a child account. 
  1. It does not deliver the drugs which are prohibited to sell directly at pharmacies according to state laws. 
  1. Costco keeps your personal information secure. It keeps a record of your prescription and other purchases in different databases. 

Other pharmacies that facilitate home delivery of medicines

Costco is a favorite of many buyers for groceries and other home essentials. But in the pharmacy sector, it is only a growing player. Several firms deliver safe and fast prescriptions to your doorsteps. Their services were improved during the Covid crises. The firms are –

  • 1.Pill Pack 
  • 2.Amazon Pharmacy 
  • 3.Zip Drug 
  • 4.Capsule 
  • 5.Alliance RX Walgreens Prime 
  • 6.Cabinet 
  • 7.CVS 
  • 8.Walgreens Express etc. 
  • 9.Target 
  • 10.Walmart 


Along with the delivery of other products, Costco also delivers prescriptions. It has partnered with Instacart for the fast delivery of medicine just like groceries, fruits, and vegetables. You need to show valid ID proof before ordering and before receiving your prescription. To order a prescription from it is advisable to order a few days before you run out. Whereas Instacart offers same-day delivery so you can order a couple of days before running out. 


  1. Can I return the medicine ordered from Costco? 

Answer: No, currently Costco is not taking any Return Of medicines due to the state laws. However, it could take the return if a licensed pharmacist authorizes it. If you got inappropriate medicine then you can complain about it at 1-800-607-6861.

  1. How can I pay for the home delivery of my prescription?

Answer: Costco accepts debit and credit cards of Visa, MasterCard, and Discover for payment. Additionally, you can also use Costco Credit Cards. 

Does Costco Deliver Prescriptions?

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