KITH Return Policy-Know More

Clothes, shoes, breakfast cereal, customized sneakers, and now quality food, you name it, KITH has got you covered. As lovers of quality and uniqueness, KITH shares the vision of giving customers more than what they have paid for. In this article, we will see more about KITH Return Policy.

KITH Return Policy

What is Return policy?

These are the set of rules used by retail merchants/companies, established to manage the process by which customers return or exchange unwanted or defective merchandise that they had purchased previously.

It is an extension of the customer service offered by retail merchants, it is offered by both regular and online merchants.

There is the freedom enjoyed by merchants when establishing the conditions and guidelines on which their return policy operates. Thus there are varying degrees of restrictions on return policies depending solely on the retail merchant.

Examples of restrictions used by retailers

1. Returning goods at any time with a dated receipt

2. Returning goods with sales tag intact

3. Returning goods within a specified time

4. Reimbursing returns with store credit rather than cash

Usually, the goal of retail merchants is to find a balance between customer satisfaction and the costs and hassle usually associated with returned goods and products.

What is KITH?

KITH is a retail establishment with two divisions: a multifunctional lifestyle brand that caters to men, women, and kids. It is also a retail establishment.

KITH is a multilayered franchise that offers more than just statement fashion pieces and designs, KITH Treats is a cereal bar established in August 2015, which is a staple within KITH that offers over 23 varieties of breakfast cereals with assorted toppings and milk selections as well as ice cream.

Moreover KITH in collaboration with Major Food Group has introduced a restaurant in Paris in its effort to bring a taste of New York overseas. Sadelle’s at KITH Paris is another component of the brand.

Founded by Aaron Ronnie Fieg, it was established in November 2011. He was born  and raised in Queens in New York. Fieg is a clothing  and footwear designer who started as a stick boy for David Z, a New York-based franchise.

Starting as a stock boy and gradually rising to becoming Head buyer, Fieg is an inspiration, his thirst for unique pieces has been a huge factor in his collaboration with top tier brands like Converse, Puma, Adidas, New Balance, just to name a few.

With over 50 product collaborations, it’s not without reason that the KITH brand is considered an extension of Fieg..

KITH Return Policy

The conditions of the KITH return policy are straightforward and strict. The system employed by this retail company does not give room for the abuse of this customer service.

Limited time

The return policy allows for products considered ELIGIBLE can be only be returned within 30 days of purchase. Products cannot be processed or considered after this time frame has lapsed.

Goods allowed

It is safe to note that while the time frame made available might seem lax, not all goods purchased can be considered for returns. The KITH return policy does not allow the return of:

1. Final sales items (includes items listed specifically as non-returnable on the individual product page, all KITH footwear releases)

2. Ronnie Feig footwear collection

3. All collaborative products

4. International orders

The listed examples after scrutiny narrows  down considerably the products that can be returned.

State of product

The product being returned must be in good condition. The policy does not allow the return of goods that have been worn or damaged.

Packaging and Documentation

KITH does not accommodate the returns of products that do not have the proper documents like evidence of purchase, proof of payment in the case of an online purchase.

Goods bought have to also be returned in the original box with which they were delivered to the buyer, it will not be considered otherwise.

Defective products

While KITH offers an online gift card to the customers whose return orders pass the evaluation process, products that were delivered defective or damaged are eligible for full refund or replacement.

Process of returns

  • The link for the returns of goods that meet the set requirements of the return policy is provided on the website.
  • You are then required to fill in information related to the purchase made before being allowed to select the items for returns.
  • A UPS returns shipping label is generated.
  • The store reimburses you with an online gift card that equals the amount of the product after deduction of an  $8 restocking fee. Important to note that the original shipping cost is not refunded.
  • The store credit will then be processed within 3-5 days after the returned products have been received.
  • The gift card used as refunds for returns is not transferable to its physical store, that is the store credit given for returns can only be used on the KITH website.


The KITH brand has clearly listed out the requirements and conditions that navigate their return policy.

It has been stated simply and without mincing of words to facilitate proper understanding.

So before you make purchases that you’re not too sure about, take a look at the return policies of the brands/retail merchants you’re patronizing, that might help you make a clear decision.

KITH Return Policy-Know More

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