Ruggable Customer Service- Know More

Customer service is an essential section of every business organization manufacturing products or rendering services. It is a department within the organization that strengthens customers’ relationships. The customer service department consists of the public relations officer, department head, and customer service representatives. Every client-based company has a way of reaching out to its customers.

Ruggable Customer Service

Ruggable is a home decoration retail store that sells varieties of rugs nationwide. From stylish to traditional, ruggable in-house rug designs make your rooms look fantastic. Most ruggable rugs can be machine-washed compared to those that only accept hand-scrubbing. The mats come in different colors, sizes, and shapes to fit in your house perfectly. A good carpet beautifies the home, making it look warm and receptive.

Why is ruggable’s relationship with its customers essential?

Ruggable’s customers are the reason why they make a profit. As a home decoration retail company, Ruggable maintains consumer relationships, making sure it meets their needs from the timer to time. To make inquiries, Ruggable has its customer service hotline and email, where consumers can chat or call the company directly. 

Sometimes, the company runs shipping services to their customers home and abroad. Ruggable employs seasoned customer care representatives who can relay messages alongside complaints to the departmental authorities. Any consumer company that does not pay attention to its customers would not last very long in the market.

Ruggable Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are vital for the growth of any company because it increases the trust score of the organization. These consumers state what they felt after using your products. There are bad reviews, alongside good reviews, depending on how its products serve its buyers. Reviews also help Ruggable note the areas its structure lacks and how to deal with them. 

The customer service representatives collate and review these reviews on their various service outlets before discussing them. More than 55% of consumers find ruggable’s products of good quality, while 25% voted that the rugs did not work fine for them. 

How does Ruggable customer service work?

Ruggable’s customer care team is available from Monday to Friday via email from 9 am – 6 pm CT and via hotline from 10 am – 5 pm CT. They do their best to respond to inquiries and complaints as soon as they get them. Customers can also email their complaints or suggestions to Ruggable’s support team, using Accessibility as the subject name. You can track your order and ask for updates through the customer service team, especially when purchasing on the website. 

During the holidays or sales, Ruggable’s customer care team response might slow down due to many consumer deals and investments. Customer service appointments quickly fill up, and they may not get to all consumers. Sometimes the customer care phone lines may differ due to your location. For instance, the phone lines in the United States and Canada are different.

Can I make inquiries while I am in any store that sells Ruggable?

Since you can find Ruggable rugs in stores like Walmart, Kohl’s, Bed bath and beyond, Home depot Lowes, etc., You might as well shop online before picking your carpet in any of the stores. For unique questions, you should try putting a call through to Ruggable’s customer service before proceeding to buy mats.

Employees in large stores like Walmart can not provide the information of all the products in detail, as they have over 30,000 varieties of commodities. If you walk into large stores like Lowes, asking about the details of a unique specification, you would only get the basics. Sometimes, the employees can get more customer information by speaking with the product representative or manufacturer.

I stopped receiving tracking updates free from Ruggable’s customer service; what could be the problem?

If you stop receiving tracking updates, it does not mean order displacement, as it may be a technical issue from the site. Contact the support team to ensure your product safety and your order status. You can also make a complaint using the access code if there is a misplacement of order for the support team to view and rectify the problem. Sometimes, the courier or delivery man can misplace orders. Always let the support team know your issues to do something about them.


Despite business stumbling blocks, Ruggable has continued to grow into a bigger and better brand with over 200 employees. Ruggable rugs are uniquely made and double padded to avoid premature wear and tear. Consumers can take the padding and wash the carpets with the washing machine without fear of fading. The Ruggable store has varieties of padded mats, most of which can stick to the floor. From traditional feel to modern design, you can get the right carpet for your bed. Ruggable customer service and support team will continue to improve, along with the brand, to ensure satisfactory service to all its consumers.

Ruggable Customer Service- Know More

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