Does Lowe’s Take Checks?

Here we will see about the Does Lowe’s Take Checks?

Lowe’s is a retail store chain in the USA that mainly deals in home improvement. A variety of buyers visit Lowe’s daily. Hence, it has to keep several payment options for them. With cash and digital payment, does Lowe’s also accept checks in their store? Does it accept checks for online shopping? 

Does Lowe's Take Checks?

Lowe’s takes checks as a payment method at all their stores. However, buyers have to give their valid government-issued ID proof for completing the payment. Lowe’s also does a proper verification of buyers before accepting the check. Checks are only accepted at Lowe’s stores. You can’t pay via check for shopping done from Lowe’s app or Lowe’s website. 

Does Lowe’s take personal and business checks? 

Lowe’s takes personal as well as business checks from buyers. Checks are accepted at all Lowe’s stores. However, to offer the check, buyers have two give two forms of their government-issued valid ID with the photo. This is important for the identification and verification of the payer. Notably, the name in the photo ID card and the account from which the check is written should be the same. 

Lowe’s check verification technology 

Like many other retail stores, Lowe’s uses Certegy to verify checks. Certegy is a third-party check verifying service. Through this service, the cashier verifies checks electronically at stores.

When you give a check to the cashier, he/she inserts it into a machine. The machine reads the account number and routing number mentioned in the check. Additionally, the cashier also inserts some information manually. Certegy verifies the bank account of the check holder to know whether the account has a positive balance or not. If it shows a positive balance, Lowe’s cashier accepts the check 

Does Lowe’s accept checks for online shopping? 

Lowe’s does not accept check payments for online shopping. Checks are not accepted even if the customer chooses to pick the order from the store. However, there are enough options for customers to make payments for online purchases. 

Other methods of payment at Lowe’s 

At Lowe’s stores, you can pay via check. But there are other options of payment too in the stores. Some of them are accepted both in-store and while some are only accepted in-store and some in All these payment methods are accepted anywhere in the USA. 

The payment methods are-


Cash payments are only accepted at stores. There is no facility of cash on delivery for online purchases from 

Debit Card 

Debit Cards could also be used for payments at Lowe’s. This could be used in both Lowe’s stores and all over the USA. Lowe’s accepts debit cards from all major providers like MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. 

Credit Card 

Lowe’s also accepts Credit Cards from major providers like MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Credit Cards are also accepted at stores and for online shopping. 


PayPal is a major digital payment app in the USA. Lowe’s accepts PayPal from buyers who shop from However, for in-store shopping, PayPal could not be used. Additionally, Lowe’s does not accept payment from any other digital app like Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. 

Gift cards and coupon 

Lowe’s offers a variety of gift cards and coupons. These cards could be used for payments and availing discounts from Lowe’s. Gift Cards and coupons are accepted for online shopping as well. There are certain destinations from where cards and coupons could be purchased 

Lowe’s Credit Card 

Buyers can also use Lowe’s Credit Card for making payments both in-store and 

What other stores accept checks 

Other than Lowe’s there are other stores too, where checks are accepted. The major retail stores where checks are accepted are-

  • City Market 
  • Costco
  • Sam’s Club 
  • Kroger 
  • Target 
  • Stop and Shop 
  • Walmart 
  • Giant Eagle etc. 

Why do stores accept checks 

Check payments at retail stores are declining day by day. Still many retailers like Lowe’s accept checks. This is because, among the elderly population, cash payment and check payment are more friendly options. They are not used to cards and mobile payment apps. Hence, to satisfy such customers retailers accept checks. 


Lowe’s accepts cheques at all its stores. To pay via check, buyers need to show two forms of their photo ID card issued by the government. Then Lowe’s identity and verify the account of the payer. After satisfying the result of the verification, the cashier at Lowe’s accepts the payment. However, you can’t pay via check for online shopping at Lowe’s. 


  1. Can I use a Payroll check for making payments at Lowe’s stores? 

Answer: Yes, a Payroll check comes under the category of business checks. So, you can use them tor making payments at Lowe’s stores.

  1. Which technology does Lowe’s use to verify checks? 

Answer: Lowe’s uses Certegy services to verify checks. It verifies checks electronically to tell Lowe’s whether the account has a positive balance or not. 

Does Lowe’s Take Checks?

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