Does Ross allow pets/dogs?- Know Facts

Does Ross allow pets/dogs? And here’s the guide to bring your puppies along for shopping!

For some people, dogs can mean a lot to them. A dog can be more than just a pet. It can be your buddy (a fluffy furry one, for sure!), your best friend, or even another member of the family. Whether you were planning to get a dog in the first place or the idea just popped up in your mind one day, all dogs will eventually hold a special place in your hearts. 

Does Ross allow pets/dogs? 

And for those of you who just added your dog(s) to be a new addition to your family members: first of all, congratulations! Now, let’s get down to business. You may be a tad confused on this one: what should you do when I want to go to the store? Can I bring them?

Good news, good news! The number of pet-friendly stores in the U.S. is increasing, although some only allow service dogs only such as Target, IKEA, Costco, Walmart, and so on. Some restaurants or cafes may not allow dogs to be brought along inside, but they still let them stay outside! Starbucks, for example, even offers puppuccino for your dogs if you ask them. Other than this, also be aware that most grocery stores are not dog-friendly.

Some stores have verified to allow dogs at all of their locations, such as Macy’s, Gap, Nordstrom, Half Price Books, Michaels, Bed Bath & Beyond, Strand Bookstore, Tractor Supply Co., and the list goes on. Other stores, such as Home Depot, LUSH Cosmetics, Sephora, Barnes & Noble, including Ross Dress for Less, have pet policy varies by each of their locations. 

Bringing your dogs to Ross

Ross made a statement on their Facebook page that 1400+ locations of Ross are dog-friendly stores! While you are weighing your options about what to buy, you can invite your furry buddies along to the store. Just make sure that you have them on a leash. 

However, just to clarify that you are good to go, you can try calling the Ross store you want to visit to make sure that you can bring your dogs. Some stores only allow small dogs considering the narrow aisles or spaces. A regulation like this will be beneficial for both the stores and your dogs!

Tips for bringing your dogs along to stores

If this is your and your dog’s first time going out shopping together, there are a few things that need to be done, especially if this is the first time for your dog to go to outside places with many strangers around. 

Shopping with your dog may sound like a lot of fun, but remember that when you go to the stores, there are also strangers present, unfamiliar smells, and noises. They may have never seen a sight anything like what’s in the shops: a store aisle, tons of unfamiliar products, gaps between shelves, etc. Remember that they do not understand the concept of shopping or retail stores. They are all just unfamiliar territories that can put them into an uncomfortable situation, which possibly can trigger their survival or fighting instincts. 

It’d be better if you prepare your dog before finally going out shopping with them. 

  • Always start from something small. Walk with your dog to outdoor areas with some strangers around so they can be accustomed to having other people in their surroundings. They need to know that it’s safe to be with strangers (and you also have to make sure that they are safe!). 
  • Most of the time, they will be stressed at first. Do not push them, just give them a rest. Find somewhere nice to sit and just relax. You can hold their paws or just let them be. 
  • Once they are used to being among the crowds, it’s time to gradually move. Invite them for a walk to spacious indoor places, do not go directly into crammed up or packed stores. This can be a way to let them know that it is okay to be somewhere inside where there are doors other than their crate or houses. Move up and down between floors.
  • Go somewhere familiar for the first store. You might want to visit the pet stores for their first shop. They can be a fun area for your dogs to hang out at, with toys, food, and snacks around them. They can also socialize with other dogs and maybe other owners too! 
  • When you know that they can be calm, it’s time to hit the shops! Make sure that the stores you are visiting are dog-friendly (look up their dog policy on a website or call the store right away since each location may have various policies). 

When and how should you leave your pets at home?

There are times when you need to go to a store, and you know for sure that they do not allow dogs unless they are service dogs. As a responsible owner, you must never lie and straight up say that they are service dogs just so you could invite them along! Please respect each store’s pet policy as it must exist for a specific reason. 

If it’s possible, get someone to look out for your dogs when you are away. However, if you can’t get someone to do it and eventually need to leave them alone, you can use this guide by American Kennel Club about leaving your dogs alone. 

Puppies at this age…Should not be left alone more than…
Under 10 weeks1 hour
10 – 12 weeks2 hours
3 months3 hours
4 months4 hours
5 months5 hours
6 months6 hours
Older than 6 months6 – 8 hours 

Teach your dogs to be alone while you are still at home—do not just leave them right away! You need to be there when they start getting stressed because surely not all dogs can be left alone right away. 

Making a schedule for your furry buddy can be a good start. It can consist of bathroom breaks, exercise, alone time, and quality time for both of you and your dogs. By establishing a routine, they will know when to expect the whole of your time and when to play alone. This will help them to not get stressed when separated from you. 

If you ever plan to teach your dog “a lesson” or punishment, do not lock them up in their crate as they will only think of the place as a punishment and uncomforting territory. It will be better if you teach them what to do and what not to do through other means. 

Once you know for sure that your dogs can be left alone, you are all set to go! Nevertheless, it will be better if you do not leave them alone for too long. And anyway, doesn’t the idea of hanging out with your dog sound lovely and relieving? Your dogs might be thinking the same way as you!


The idea of shopping together with your dog(s) can be fun, but you still must make sure that the stores you are visiting are dog-friendly! Please respect each store’s pet policy, and also prep your dogs and double check if they are absolutely ready to go out for a shop! 

Does Ross allow pets/dogs?- Know Facts

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