Is EltaMD Cruelty-Free?

Wanna slay at the party tonight? Put on some makeup going on a date? Done some makeup putting on makeup and trying all different cosmetic products to look beautiful is the trend of the era. But the frequent use of beauty products can damage your skin and cause rashes or itching. To maintain healthy skin you must follow a proper beauty regime.The products that should be part of your beauty regime are face wash, scrub, moisturizer, face cream, and sunscreens. EltaMD is one of the leading brands for sunscreens and skin care products. Is EltaMD Cruelty-Free? The products control skin damage like burns or wounds. It was started in 1988 and is owned by parent company Colgate-Palmolive, which is involved in the production of Colgate, Palmolive, and Sanex.

Is EltaMD Cruelty-Free?

EltaMD has great reviews even by many Hollywood celebrities. It gives people satisfying results as advertised.But ever wondered if your favorite skincare brand harms other animals to ensure your safety? And what if the involved ingredients are derived from animals? So the answer is No. EltaMD is not a cruelty-free brand. It may not run tests on animals in its own country but in the foreign countries where animal testing is required by law, it conducts animal tests. 

What Does EltaMD Claim

According to the claim made by EltaMD on its website, it does not run any tests on animals either for its products or the ingredients used. But in some exceptional cases for safety purposes, when animal testing is asked by the authorities they do so. 

Is EltaMD Cruelty-Free

Even EltaMD accepts that they do run tests on animals in some cases. Also, its products are available for sale in countries where animal testing is mandatory. So it means EltaMD is not cruelty-free. Even its parent company Colgate-Palmolive runs animal tests in foreign countries like mainland China, so this stops it from being cruelty-free. 

Does That Mean EltaMD Is Not Vegan

Since EltaMD is not a cruelty-free brand, you can be sure that it’s not vegan. Also, it doesn’t promote itself as a vegan Brand. Some ingredients used in its products are beeswax, glycerine, and stearic acid which are derived from animals. Sometimes even the artificial colors used are tested on mice. Some products by EltaMD may have ingredients that are not derived from animals but they cannot be considered as a vegan brand. 

Does EltaMD Run Tests On Animals 

EltaMD claims that it doesn’t run any tests on animals for any of its products or ingredients. But in some exceptional cases for safety purposes, they may conduct tests on animals as required by the authorities.Is EltaMD Cruelty-Free? so it is clear that EltaMD does conduct tests on animals. Also, it has the market in countries that require animal testing by law. In its native country, EltaMD may not run any animal tests but in some foreign countries, it does abide by their law. 

Is EltaMD Sold In Mainland China

Is EltaMD Cruelty-Free? Yes, EltaMD is available for sale in countries that require animal testing by law and China is one of them. Most of the companies choose to sell their products in China because its market is very profitable and huge. But China has the law of animal testing and the companies need to abide by this law. If the company denies doing so their products are stopped from reaching the market. Even a company that doesn’t run animal tests in its own country has to follow this law when selling products in China’s market. 


So is there confusion now? EltaMD is a leading cosmetic brand for sunscreens and skincare products. It has great reviews from many Hollywood celebrities. But since it retails in countries that require animal testing by law so it has to abide by their law and run tests on animals. Now this prohibits EltaMD from being a cruelty-free brand as it allows and pays for these tests on animals. And also it is owned by a parent brand Colgate-Palmolive which itself is not cruelty-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is EltaMD vegan?

Answer- No. Although some products are offered by EltaMD as vegan products since it is not cruelty-free so you can’t be sure that its products are 100% vegan. 

2.Does the parent company of EltaMD do animal testing? 

Answer- EltaMD is owned by the parent company Colgate-Palmolive, which runs tests on animals. 

3.Is EltaMD sold in a country that requires animal testing by law? 

Answer – There is no clear detail about this. Although EltaMD does claim that it doesn’t sell its products in countries that require animal testing by law. But according to the sources it retails in China where animal testing is mandatory by law. 

4.Is EltaMD certified by any cruelty-free organizations?

Answer- No, EltaMD is not certified as cruelty-free either by PETA or limping bunny.

Is EltaMD Cruelty-Free?

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