Does Subway Accept PayPal?- Learn More

Like every other company, Subway is the largest fast-moving fast-food restaurant chain. Its slogan is Eat Fresh, and subway’s target is to show people that their customer’s destination should be Subway because Subway’s food is unique.

Does Subway Accept PayPal?

A small description of Subway

Subway is a multinational fast food restaurant chain in America founded by Fred DeLuca, Peter Buck, and Carmela DeLuca on 28 August 1965, Pike Bridgeport, Connecticut, US. Its headquarters are in Milford, Connecticut, Washington. This restaurant is mainly famous for its submarine sandwich. Its outlets are in more than 100 countries.

A small description of PayPal

PayPal is an e-commerce company in America founded in December 1998 as Confinity and October 1999 as Its headquarters are in San Jose, California, US. With the help of two companies named Confinity and PayPal, was formed. Hence, We can say PayPal was the merging company.

Does subway accept PayPal?

It is hard to say, but indirectly you can say Subway does accept PayPal.

When and how can you use PayPal?

If you need any food to order, then what will you do?

You will go to the Subway store or order the food online. Now, here is the difference, if you go to the store while paying for the food, you may notice they will not accept money from PayPal because Subway does not accept payments via PayPal directly. If you order your food online through any mobile application from Subway, then you can pay the amount via PayPal just by linking your PayPal account with your mobile application. 

Why does Subway not accept PayPal directly?

Here a big question arises that why does Subway not accept PayPal directly?

The most appropriate answer can be that Subway and PayPal do not work together/ they do not have a partnership between them. But maybe, very soon both, companies will launch a mobile application through which you can pay directly via a PayPal account and in-store (Subway).

Now, we’ll learn how many kinds of payment methods Subway accept:-

a) Cash:- Cash, maybe Cash On Delivery (COD) or cash you will pay in-store after getting your food.

b) Credit and Debit card:- Here, you can use your Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express that has linked with your bank account.

c) Apple Pay:- It is a mobile payment app used as a wallet. Only iPhone users can use it or any application that apple forms. It varies from store to store.

d) Subway Gift Card and Voucher:- If you participate in Subway restaurant, you will earn a subway gift card, and then you can purchase goods online or in-store using that card.

e) Prepaid Credit and Debit Gift Card.

How to get Subway coupons and vouchers?

There are lots of websites available to get Subway coupons and vouchers. If you want to order your food online, you can visit those websites, and while paying for your food, you can see there will be an option showing ” APPLY COUPON. ” 

After clicking on it, you can see various types of coupons are there as an example there will be a few banks that give 50%, 20% off on your food, if you order for the first time on any particular website, they give you 60% or 50% off up to 150 or 250 purchases, if you use any online bank or digital payment method apps or websites, they also provide you with many types of offers.

Also, if you go to Subway stores, especially if you are their first customer, you will see they are offering you coupons. 

It may vary with different Subway stores, and there are some websites it says, if you provide your email to that particular website, it will notify you of the Subway promo codes when it will be available.


So, now you know that a big fast-food restaurant chain does not accept PayPal directly for a reason, and both companies together will launch an app to provide customers service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I use the Subway Gift card in another company restaurant?

Ans:- No, you can’t. Because the gift card you get is from Subway only after participating in any activities. Therefore you can’t apply or use it another restaurant.

2) How to pay via QR code in the Subway app?

Ans:- Be sure in your profile menu you added your mode of payment, and to scan the QR code for transaction visit your home screen select Show Card Scan button.

3) How can I use PayPal funds in Subway?

Ans:- So, it’s easy to use PayPal funds. When ordering food from Subway through any delivery app, that delivery app must contain such payment methods as GrubHub and UberEats. While paying for the food, you can easily use your PayPal funds by using those payment methods.

Does Subway Accept PayPal?- Learn More

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