How Much To Tip A Delivery Driver?


Here we will see about the How Much To Tip A Delivery Driver?

Giving tips is a part of the culture many people like to follow. There can be multiple reasons behind tipping helpers, such as delivery drivers, waiters, etc. A tip or Gratuity is a sum of money given to the service provider as a part of thanking them. Tips can be given to anyone working under or working for you, such as driver, waiter, worker, etc.

behind tipping

The custom of tipping can be found from the 14th century or before. The amount to be given as a tip mostly depends upon personal habits and etiquette. It is also a personal decision to either provide a servant with a gratuity or not.

What Is Meant By Gratuity?

Gratuity is a synonym for giving tips to the servants or workers working for your benefit. It is a sum of the amount given apart from the regular service charges given to them. The “tip” is the money that will be directly donated to the person working for you and not to the company through which they work.

Why Give Tips?

There can be many reasons to provide someone with the tip. On the contrary, there can be a few reasons because of which hesitation can be observed in providing the tips. 

Let us first have a look at the reasons because of which, one can be unsure of providing tip:

  • There can be serious financial crises faced by the giver. You might have a delivery driver for your work, but at a given, concern you might be suffering from the issue of the financial crisis.
  • The service provided by the worker might not be up to mark.
  • The responsibility given to the worker was left unfulfilled.
  • You might live in a region where giving tips is considered illegal and is not looked up to as a part of encouragement.

Now let us have a look at reasons to give tips:

  • Giving tips can make the worker save some extra money. And at some point, it can eventually lead them to have a better life.
  • Giving tips as a tradition can encourage people to work more and make enough money for a good lifestyle.
  • Giving tips can make them satisfied with their work.
  • Giving tips is also a mandatory part to be performed, as your duty towards a better future for all.

What Should Be The Amount Of Tip?

Whenever there is a part of giving tips, we all are clueless at what amount should be perfect to give a tip. There can be questions in mind such as, is it enough what I’m giving as a tip? Is it more than required? Was the service that good to be provided with the tip? And many more.

For the easy purpose, let us consider giving tips to the delivery driver.

The work of the delivery driver is to deliver things to the desired location. Their primary earning is relatively less when compared with other professions. To give tips to them, one can consider looking at the products being delivered to them and their prices. Providing between 5-20% of the total amount can be the ideal choice for tipping. One can tip a delivery driver with 5-20% of the total amount delivered to them as an ideal choice. However, it is just the ideal choice, the final call will still be yours, the amount to give will also be your own decision to make.

Drawbacks Of Providing Tips:

Each coin has two sides to look for. Even though giving tips is one of the best practices to be followed for a decent future. There are still some alarming effects attached with giving tips.

  • Some people tend to attach service charges along with the charge fee to be given. This can make one person spend more money on a single thing.
  • Giving tips can make people uncomfortable by highlighting their insecurities.
  • The delivery drivers can try to look for customers enabling them with more tips rather than going for general orders. It can create different mindsets for them.
  • Giving tips can sometimes create an imbalance in one’s working life.
  • Counting the percentage for tips is tiresome.


Delivery drivers are known to work for us on our needs. Providing them with a good percentage of tips is a good custom being followed by many people. The ideal percentage to provide for tip is anything between 5 to 20 of the total product amount being relievers to them. Some advantages and drawbacks of giving tips have been described in the above text.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is tipping a good practice?
  • As we look out for the studies being observed for the same case. It is not suggested that tipping is a good practice. As some employers might make bad use of the tips being provided to them or can walk the wrong path not meant for them. However, there are some good effects also attached with the tipping custom which can’t be ignored.
  1. Does tipping need to be ended?
  • Many people believe that tipping is now an old practice which should be banned and ended as there are many disadvantages attached to it. In some places, giving tips is also considered rude behavior. Tipping can sometimes also be done to show off which is not a good thing to be encouraged. Many debates are going on the topic as it has both advantages as well as disadvantages. Also, the practice of tipping is being nurtured by elders to the younger generation making it quite hard to eliminate.
How Much To Tip A Delivery Driver?

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