Whole Foods Gift Cards

Whole Foods Market Inc is a household name in America. It is a USDA-certified supermarket chain with about 500 stores in the US and only 4 in the United Kingdom. It is well known for its quality organic foods free of artificial colors and flavors, hydrogenated fats, and preservatives. Gift cards are a delightful way of treating oneself and loved ones, be it as a way of showing appreciation or just an attempt to revitalize the festivity season. Whole foods Gift Cards are becoming more and more prevalent in the consumer markets as much of the population becomes more self-aware of its health and eating habits.

Whole Foods Gift Cards

How to Acquire Gift Cards?

Whole Foods gives out two categories of gift cards the first being, physical gift cards which can be collected from any of their many stores or online from their  Whole Foods website. Purchases can also be made online from Amazon and CVS and shipped to you through the postal service. Due to the initiative to be eco-friendly, traditional plastic gift cards were discontinued and replaced by ones made of paper that is recyclable or in some instances made of wood that has been harvested through environmentally efficient means.

E-gift cards are the other option available to purchase. It is the easiest of the two options to acquire. Simply go online to their Whole Foods website and make the purchase, it is immediately sent to you via email delivery. The other option is to buy them at amazon.com and they’ll send them to your email. E-gift cards completely eliminate environmental hazards.

Although both physical gift cards and e-gift cards are reloadable and do not expire, they are irreplaceable. With the e-gift card, you do not have to worry about losing it. We find it more appealing than the former.

Purchasing gift cards online should be done strictly through reputable sources lest you fall prey to scammers selling fake gift cards especially during festive seasons when the demand is high.

How and Where to Use Whole Foods Gift Cards?

Whole food gift cards are reloadable and in case one needs to confirm what their balance is, they can do so from their website online in the gift cards section under shopping. These cards can only be used to purchase items from the Whole Foods stores and nothing else. Online purchases are not supported by Whole Foods gift cards.

These cards cannot be used to buy items online on the Whole Foods website nor can you use them to access the Whole Foods Market stores through third-party grocery delivery services. The gift cards can only be used in-store at Whole Foods Market Stores.

When using eGift cards or digital Whole Foods Gift cards, it is advisable to store the information in a mobile wallet or take a screenshot of the code and PI N so that you can have it handy when making a payment at the cashier. It may be quite cumbersome digging through your email trying to find it. Some people choose to print digital gift cards but the papers and energy used to print them ultimately beats the whole purpose of going green. Wouldn’t you agree?

Walmart does not issue Whole foods gift cards nor does Walgreens

However, purchases can be made from Whole Foods stores using amazon gift cards and a few others which hold no restrictions on the spending preferences of their consumers. The aim of it is to bring you into their stores for you to shop and eat healthy meals, not to gorge yourself with designer wear and unsultry orders online. Forgive them for caring too much. 


  • Restricts you and your loved ones, forcing you to make more health-conscious decisions 
  • US Whole Foods gift cards can be used in Canadian stores
  • They do not expire
  • They are reloadable


  • They are not refundable once purchased
  • US gift cards can’t be used in UK stores nor can UK gift cards be used in US stores
  • They can’t be used online or to make online purchases
  • They can’t be replaced if lost


Whole Foods gift cards are the product of good intentions that have come to materialize. They are a smart way of staying healthy and keeping those you love eating healthy as well when you send them as gifts to friends and family. It is comforting to know that they come from a company that cares about the environment and the carbon footprint they leave behind.

Good and ethical industry practices have made Whole Foods Inc. a fan favorite, it is safe to say its reputation as the home of organic food is only getting more popular.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you lose your Whole Foods gift card?

Unfortunately, they cannot be replaced when lost or stolen but customer care does track them down if they were lost in the mail.

How do I know If a Whole Foods gift card is fake?

Clients should lookout for a four-digit number located at the bottom of the card that is identical to the one on the barcode as a mark of authenticity. The absence of a pin could also be a red flag.

Can I convert Whole Foods Gift cards into Cash?

Whole Foods Inc. explicitly forbids the reselling, returning, and redeeming of their gift cards for cash neither are they transferable.

Can one use different payment card options in Whole Foods stores?

Whole Foods stores accept amazon cards, debit cards, and credit cards but not cheques or cash.

Whole Foods Gift Cards

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