Walmart Ipad Return Policy

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What if you brought an iPad from Walmart but aren’t satisfied with it? You would definitely want to return it right? But how? Can products bought from Walmart be returned?

Walmart Ipad Return Policy

Walmart provides a range of products, even in iPads, they have a variety of options to choose from. But if you are unsatisfied, can you return it? Of course, you can! 

Can you return the purchased iPads to Walmart?

Presently, yes. You can return purchased iPads to Walmart. They accept returns both online as well as in-store.

What is needed to return the purchased iPad?

To be on the safer side and to get your product taken back with a refund, it is often necessary for you to have all the packaging accessories and receipts. Since Walmart accepts returns within 30 days, make sure to keep all the things with you until you are totally satisfied. 

However, even if you do lose your receipt, there might be a way to get it back! How? Let’s see!

No receipt?

Walmart has a tracking system through which they have a record of customers. Using your government-issued ID, they can use this system to see if you have regularly returned products with no receipt. If you have, then you might have to talk with the store’s manager.

Does Walmart provide the customers with refunds on returns?

IPad is an expensive gadget, hence returning these products without any refund might be highly unsatisfactory for one. While returning your iPad to Walmart, you wouldn’t have to worry so much as you will receive a refund in the form of gift cards.

Process of refund

If you provide Walmart with all the purchase proof, they will refund you! However, the time limit of getting this refund may vary.

If you have bought the iPad through online mode, you will get your refund when the product reaches back to Walmart.

This might not be the case with in-store and marketplace buyers. If you bought your iPad in-store, you can expect an immediate refund. However, if you got your iPad from a third party in the marketplace, you may get refunded within 2 days.

Any additional fees?

When you are returning an iPad, there is no additional service fee or restocking fee that you have to pay. 

Even if you are returning an iPad that was brought from the online mode, you don’t have to worry about the shipping cost. Walmart provides free shipping on returns.

However, this might not be the case if you are returning the iPad brought from a marketplace and not online.

To make sure you are getting free shipping you have to attach a free shipping label. You can get this label either by using your printer or getting it printed by any nearby Walmart store free of cost.

Can I return a used or opened iPad?

Yes, you can return a used or opened iPad to Walmart. However, to get a refund, you must have original packaging with the barcode. 

At times, if the store manager allows, they can accept unsealed boxes with some damage too!

If your iPad already has defects, you can return it right away and can expect a return. 

All in all, it is generally advisable that you keep the original packaging with you until you are assured that it works well for you.

What is the time limit for one to return an iPad?

The time limit for one to return an iPad to Walmart is usually about 15 to 30 days. It depends on the mode from where you are buying it.

For example, if you are purchasing the iPad online from Walmart, you can return it within 30 days. However, if you bought an iPad from a marketplace, you might have to return it within 15 days.


If you are buying an iPad from Walmart, you have to be aware of its return policy too since there is a chance of you not really liking the product or getting a defective one.

Walmart sells a wide range of iPad products. You can buy these online, from stores, or even from the marketplace.

 However, no matter what mode you buy from, you have to make sure that if you are returning the product, you have to do it within 30 days in case of online or in-store purchase and 15 days in case of marketplace purchase.

Make sure you don’t throw away the package until you are completely satisfied with the gadget. 

Keep the receipts as they might come in handy but if you don’t have one you can still aim for a refund by showing your government-issued id proof with your photo on it. By doing so you can expect a gift card as a means of refund.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What if the product that I got was already defective? Can I have a refund on that?

Yes, you can return a product if it is already defective. Just make sure you do it within 15 – 30 days and return the product with its packaging, barcode, and accessories. You will surely get a refund immediately or within a few days.

Walmart Ipad Return Policy

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