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There’s an old saying that goes, “nothing is as beautiful as flowers…” — (Michael P. 2014)

The sight of a flower bouquet admirably sends a great deal of warm, fuzzy feelings down a person’s heart. They tend to charm almost anyone, regardless of age. If you have doubts, just take a look at the worker bees. Now, imagine how much impact a bouquet of edible arrangements would accomplish. It makes for a thoughtful gift and equally packs an undoubtedly healthy punch. 

Edible Arrangements

Edible arrangements have become a fast, upward-moving gifting system now. Moreover, there are so many edible catalogs this is all thanks to one man and former flower arrangement specialist, the pioneer of edible arrangements, and his ingenious idea of arrangements as far back as 1999.

Edible arrangements aren’t just a gift basket of fruits anymore. There are so many varieties and alternatives coming up over the years, and currently, they all still make for wonderful gift baskets. Whether it’s for gifting your loved ones, friends, colleagues, or even an award. Whether you want to say “I acknowledge you for everything”, “I’m sorry”, “get well soon”, “happy birthday”, and even if it’s for an anniversary. They fit in perfectly with all occasions.

Edible arrangements have wide alternatives, including:

1. Edible fruit baskets.

2. Cookie bouquet.

3. Candy bouquets.

4. Snack baskets.

5. Strawberry rose bouquets.

It’s spectacular how far edible arrangements have gone, and just how easy they are to put together.

1. Edible Fruit Basket:

The edible fruit basket is a variant of the edible arrangement, which is made up of fresh fruits that are caught creatively and arranged in a fancy basket. An edible arrangement can be effectively accomplished by combining various fruits ranging from pineapples, strawberries to common grapes, Kiwi, and so much more. But there’s a downside, and that’s making an edible fruit basket tends to waste many fruits that are left after the patterns are made. Unless one decides to make a smoothie, and that’s not an entirely bad idea.

A cookie basket is an edible alternative if you have a love for baked goods and pastries, especially cookies. The cookie baskets are arrangements that would be a great pick for your taste buds and eyes. Imagine a basket filled with freshly baked cookies, the way your granny used to make them, in different types, different shapes, so many variables of variance and taste. Freshly baked cookies serve whatever purpose, and all persons of any age would appreciate it dearly, as they are a perfect alternative.

3. Candy Bouquets:

This assortment of delicious and enticing sweet combinations of chocolate and candy, is arranged in fancy packages. Notwithstanding, they are more than capable of making your partners excited and giddy on the inside. You have so many options decoratively put together. Everyone has a sweet tooth, and chocolate and candies are never going out of style.

4. Snack Baskets:

Snack baskets can range from simple sweets to pure healthy snacks. This next basket could be granular bars, fruits, yogurt, trail mix, and there’s the option of having chips, gummy bears, sandwiches, biscuits, and even a red velvet cake too. A good red velvet cake and turn any frown upside down.

5. Strawberry Rose Bouquet:

This alternative is perfect for lovers, holidays, Valentine’s Day, and even wedding anniversaries. These bouquet alternatives are just gorgeous, with an air of sophistication. Furthermore, strawberries crafted as roses on a skewer or popsicle stick stem make for great desserts that are enticing to the eyes.

What to know about edible arrangements?

· Pioneer – The first edible arrangement was put together by Tariq Farid way back in 1999 in Connecticut and you can guess it, he used to work in a flower arrangement company. Edible arrangements are now a fast pacing franchise.

· Creative Business – Edible arrangements for fresh fruits and any arrangement at all had so many alternatives which were originally inspired by flower arrangements.

· Aesthetics – Seeing is believing and the colorful crafting of each basket will make a grown man cry but don’t just take my word for it.  Dive into the world of edible arrangements and be the judge for yourself.

Eight Beautiful Edible Arrangement Companies to Choose from.

There are so many companies locally and internationally that have delved into the business of Edible Arrangements and have eye-catching mouth-watering menus that would be appropriate for any occasion you may be planning for, some top services include; 

1. Harry and David.

2. The fruit company.

3. Frog hollow farm.

4. Edible arrangements.

5. Shari’s berries. 

6. Tropical fruit blocks.

7. Manhattan fruitier.

8. Final verdict.


Edible Arrangements, no doubt, have unquestionably risen to the limelight, and do not seem to be going out of style anytime soon. What makes it best is you can decorate them yourself or just order them from already existing companies online, or go pick them up yourself from stores. So, it’s easy for you to always put a smile on the face of your loved ones, friends, and family.


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Edible Arrangements

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