Zupas Loyalty Program 

Zupas Loyalty Program 

Zupas is a cafe which is located in the United States. It was first launched in Provo, Utah in 2004. Cafe Zupas specializes in house-made soups, salads, and sandwiches, using fresh and exotic ingredients in a fast-casual setting. They have a wide range of customers and have a total number of 55 stores till now.

The secret behind their increasing number of customers is by their techniques which excites and attracts the customers to give order to them. The loyalty program of Zupas is one of the major techniques which made huge progress. A loyalty program is a technique that is applied by many companies that encourage customers to continue shopping from their stores. Zupas has its website and an app through which customers can order dishes for them. This is one of the strategies through which they progress because as they progress, it will be cost-effective not only for customers but as well as for them too.

The Loyalty Program of Zupas

Cafe Zupas has introduced various techniques which gives profit to them and also to their customers which are:-

  1. The VIP rewards program
  2. VIP status points
  3. Reward Dollars
  4. Discount coupons

1. The VIP Rewards Program

If the customer made the first catering order from Zupas then the person instantly becomes the VIP member of Zupas. The person will receive a rewards card with special numbers on it and he/she should keep it safe if they want the reward in the future. The customer has already earned VIP status points and rewards dollars with their first catering purchase.

  • VIP Status Points: You are already a VIP member with so many benefits with it. As a VIP member, you will progress with your level towards your rewards. The more you succeed, the more you will get a chance to receive in return. If the customers make more catering purchases, they will receive more VIP status points. With every $1 the customers will spend, they will receive 1 VIP status point.

 If the customer reaches 1000 VIP status points, then he/she will be upgraded in SILVER VIP status and with every purchase, their upgrade level will increase until they will receive the highest level that is DIAMOND.

vip statua points
  • Reward Dollars: Rewards dollars are the dollars that are included in a customer’s VIP reward card. These are like gift cards that you can use in Cafe Zupas. The customers earn reward dollars with every catering purchase. With every purchase of a box lunch, the customer will receive reward dollars of 3% price of your order and if the customer buys a party style catering purchase, they will receive reward dollars of 6% price of their order.

For example, if the customer will buy a party-style order for $150 then he/she will get $8 in their VIP reward card.

Benefits of VIP reward programs

  1. Birthday Events: If the customer has SILVER VIP membership of Cafe Zupas, then on their birthday they can get a free meal and they don’t have to pay for any order they make on their birthday. If the customer has GOLD VIP membership or more, they can get a free birthday lunch and drinks can even come early to their store before its opening hours. 
  1. Free Visa Card: At the end of the year the VIP member with SILVER membership will receive a free visa card of $50 couriered to their address. If they have GOLD VIP level then they will get a $200 and in PLATINUM VIP level they will receive a $500 visa card on their birthday. Similarly, at the DIAMOND VIP level, they will receive a $1000 visa card on their birthday.

     2. Discount Coupons 

Discount coupons are a lifesaver. These are certain special codes which help to give discounts to the customers like “L01IO”. Customers can save their money by using discount coupons. Cafe Zupas has many discount coupons with terms and conditions. By applying that coupon they can get up to 50% off in their order. 

They have different kinds of discounts coupons and some are occasion wise coupons.

Latest Zupas Discount Coupon you can get 30% off = FALL30 

How Does It Help Zupas?

  • With every user downloading the Cafe Zupas app, Zupas will gain a profit from $0.5 to $1 per download.
  • If the customer purchases dishes they will earn points and it will give Cafe Zupas profits.
  • Cafe Zupas earns an average of 40 million dollars per year.
  • They have different branches in different states in the US, so they earn more profit from each number of restaurants.


The loyalty program of Zupas is one of the special techniques. To give them profits which includes various types of techniques like VIP reward programs, reward dollars, VIP reward points, discount coupons, etc. The VIP reward programs give benefits like giving free meals on birthdays and free gift cards at the end of the year. That prompts the customers to order from their restaurant. Cafe Zupas earns an average of 40million  dollars per year.


  1. If I don’t use my reward points will they expire?

No, your reward points will not get expired and they will get stored in your account.

  1. Do I have to pay extra to earn a reward card?

Absolutely no because on your first catering purchase 

you will receive a reward card.

  1. Can I pay with the “Cash On Delivery” service?

Yes, Cafe Zupa has a “Cash on delivery” service.

Zupas Loyalty Program 

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