NET10 Activation – Know more

TracFone Wireless Inc., headquartered in Miami, comes under Verizon Communications and provides no-contract prepaid mobile phones. TracFone has various registered trademarks, and Net10 is one of them. Net10, founded in 1995, offers full service cost-effective hosting solutions. It sells different products such as smartphones, SIM cards, home phones, and hotspots. This article explains Net10 activation, customer service, and plans. Here you know more about ‘NET10 Activation’.

NET10 Activation - Know more

You must contact the Net10 customer service center to activate your Net10 SIM card, smartphone, home phone, or hotspot. Answer a few questions asked by the customer service representatives and follow the further procedure. These SIM cards get compatible only with a few types of phones, and some get mentioned in this article. The brand offers no-contract plans. So, you must choose a monthly plan and device according to your requirements.

This section explains the activation of the following products offered by Net10:

Net10 SIM and Mobile Phone Acton

Net10 allows you to install its SIM card on the mobile phone you have. The SIM cards are available in micro, nano, and standard sizes. But, you must check whether the phone is compatible with Net10. Some Net10 wireless compatible mobile phones are AT&T Prepaid Volta, Samsung Galaxy A12, Apple iPhone 12 Pro, LG Premier Pro Plus, and more. The SIM card must also get compatible with Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

The SIM kit contains a selection of SIM cards that can be compatible with your phone. These SIM card kits offer non-refundable service plans, and you must use only Family and Monthly plans with the Net10 SIM kits for compatibility. After calling the Net10 customer service, you must answer a few questions and know what SIM card can be compatible with your phone. But, this service does not work with the branded Net10, Straight Talk, TracFone, SafeLink, and Blackberry phones.

Net10 Home Phone Activation

You must dial the Net10 Phone Activation number from another phone and enter your Activation Card Serial Number. But, ensure that you have an active Service Plan for the Home Phone. Finally, call another number provided by the customer service department from the Net10 wireless Home Phone to program it. To transfer your number from another company, you must request the NET10 wireless team, let it proceed further, and wait for a few hours to 30 days as per the device. Net10 does not charge for activation or cancellation.

Net10 Hotspot Activation

The Net10 Hotspot has a portable compact design, and you may connect up to 8 devices to the hotspot at a time. It provides 4G LTE internet access through the SIM card. To activate the Net10 Hotspot, you must dial the Net10 Hotspot Activation number and submit your order number and user code. So, it takes about five minutes to get activated. It will take comparatively more time to connect the devices for the first time. Further, the connection will take fewer minutes because the devices will automatically reconnect to the hotspot.

Net10 Customer Service

In the case of an issue, you must provide the serial number and phone number to Net10 when you call the customer service department. You can call them or have a live chat from 8 am to 12 am. The customer service representatives appear to be more knowledgeable and respond within less time. However, some customers claim to not get quick responses from the representatives. Net10 has many long-time loyal customers but loses them during the poor transferring service from one device to another.

Net10 Plans

Net10 offers unlimited data, talk, and text services according to the purchased plan. It considers a month of 30 service days and offers different Pay-As-You-Go, Global Calling Card, and Data Add-On plans. The cheapest plan is $5 for only 500MB with no service days, while the most expensive is an unlimited pack of $50 per month. However, when you reach 60GB, Net10 may review your account to ensure that you do not violate the brand’s terms and conditions.

Choosing A Plan

If you only want to send and receive emails, you may choose 4GB and 8GB plans. The 8GB plan also allows you to stream and share photographs. The only access to social media gets available at 2GB.


Net10 offers a limited variety of devices for an online sale. The brand does not ask for contracts, activation, or cancellation fees but introduces compatibility issues. Net10 activation depends mostly on communication with the customer service department. You must understand that your wireless services might get affected according to the plan. Quality One Wireless processes and completes the orders on behalf of the brand.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What Does Net10 Offer For International Calls?


Every account can make a maximum of 15 international calls for a 30-day service period. You may call internationally using landline and mobile phones only from Hawaii or the United States. The selective destinations may change at any time.

  1. What Warranty Does Net10 Wireless Accessories Have?


You will get a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty against the work done and faulty elements. It gets included under normal wear and tears.

NET10 Activation – Know more

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