Audi Tire Warranty


Before looking into Audi, tire warranty let’s know what is a warranty?. A warranty is a contractual agreement between the manufacturer of a product and the buyer. The manufacturer promises the buyer to repair or replace the whole product or product parts depending on the given reasons.

The warranty assures the buyers of repairs or replacements in case of defects mostly due to a manufacturer’s fault. The manufacturers give the buyers a guarantee of repair or replacement for a given period from the date of purchase. The warranties mostly are in the form of a certificate that the customer appends their signature during purchase and a copy is sent to the manufacturer for record-keeping.

Audi Tire Warranty

Audi car manufacturers offer their customers tire warranty whenever they purchase Audi tires from any of their retail stores or suppliers worldwide. The Audi tire warranty covers both structural damages and cosmetic damages for a period of up to seven years. 

What Audi tire warranty cover? 

  1. Tire replacement due to structural damages 

Structural damages covered include those caused by road hazards like metals, potholes, debris, nails, and glass. These road hazards cause the tire not to maintain the required pressure that is specified. 

  1. Some cosmetic wheel repairs are covered. This includes;

Sanding, painting, or refinishing the wheel which covers up to eight-wheel repairs in the period covered by the warranty. 


  • A customer has to part with a minimal cost of $50 per claim during the warranty period to repair or replace the tire in case of any damage covered in the warranty. The cost that the customer pays is very minimal, making the customer buy Audi tires rather than buying from the other manufacturers.  
  • If the tire is damaged, the warranty will cover its repair in case it needs one or replacement of the whole tire if the tire is still under the warranty period and the damage incurred is under what is covered in the warranty. 
  • If the car needs towing to the nearest service center, the customer incurs the cost and is reimbursed by Audi up to $100 per towing event during the warranty period.  
  • The tire owner is legalized to transfer the tire warranty to a private party and can cancel the warranty at a minimal fee of $50. 
  • Audi tire warranty also covers some cosmetic damages on the tire like sanding and refinishing of the tire. 


  • Audi tire warranty does not cover all the cosmetic damages to a tire. It only covers damages due to scrapes and nicks. So a customer who suffers  
  • The Audi tire warranty only covers tires with a tread depth of more than 3/32” at the time of damage. This means if a customer with an Audi tire under warranty has their tire damaged and takes it to the service center for repair, they will check on the tread depth of the tire, if it is less than 3/32” the tire will not be covered in the warranty and the customer will have to pay for the tire to be repaired or replaced. 
  • The Audi tire warranty does not cover damages on the tire that are due to vandalism. This means if a customer’s tire was vandalized, the customer will have to cover the cost of repair or replacement even if the tire is still under warranty. 
  • If a customer takes their tire to a service center to be repaired or replaced before seeking approval from Audi, Audi will not cover the cost. Hence, all damages on the tire under warranty need to be reported to Audi to recommend where and how the tire will be covered under the warranty and also assess the extent of the damage for them to recommend repair or replacement. 
  • Audi tire warranty does not cover damages caused to tires due to the conditions of the roads the car used. Under such circumstances, the customer will have to pay for the tire to be repaired or replaced. 
  • If the Audi tire damage is caused by normal wear and tear and has nothing to do with the manufacturer’s defect or the other reasons covered under the warranty, the customer is obligated to pay the cost of repair or replacement. 


Customer who needs to buy a tire for their cars should look for manufacturers that offer a warranty and they should understand the situations covered by the warranty. If the customer gets to understand what is covered in the warranty it reduces the incidences of a customer being unsatisfied with their warranty. Also, the customer gets to avoid situations where their tire is damaged, wasting time reporting it to the manufacturer only to be informed that the damage is not covered under the warranty hence the customer has to cover the cost of damage. 

Audi Tire Warranty

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