Do GofundMe take PayPal?

GoFundMe has grown to be a popular crowdfunding medium in the past years. In the wake of hurricanes and other similar disasters, GoFundMe has become synonymous with bringing relief to the unfortunate. But, Do GoFundMe take PayPal?

Do GoFundMe take PayPal?

GoFundMe accepts PayPal donations but with some limitations. In 2021, donors can send donations via their PayPal accounts without using a debit card. Prior to November 3, 2016, both personal and Certified Charity Campaigns accepted donations by credit or debit cards only. However, the company allowed donations via PayPal to Certified Charity Campaigns from November 3, 2016, onwards.


GoFundMe has grown to become a very popular brand, especially in recent years. It has become one of the foremost platforms for charity and donations. The platform has been used for various undertakings that have benefitted the less fortunate or contributed to the improvement of many lives.

How GoFundMe Has Been Used?

GoFundMe has had various uses in society. Most of the time, the platform has been a medium to collect contributions that go towards alleviating others’ suffering. Many have used the platform to collect money for those who cannot afford surgery or other medical treatment. Additionally, the platform is known as a channel through which people contribute to those who are less fortunate and are in need of money or upkeep.

Apart from easing suffering, the platform has also been used to reward and congratulate others. Many people have benefitted from their kindness when others have started GoFundMe accounts to reward their good deeds. Different examples exist on YouTube and other social media platforms where people have started campaigns to contribute to rewarding health workers, employees, social workers, and other people who have done commendable acts. The platform has grown into a source of joy for many who can receive gifts from people whose lives they have touched.

GoFundMe’s Pros 

Ease of Accessing Funds

The platform hastens the giving and collection time such that beneficiaries can expect funds withdrawal to take little to no time. The ease of donating and funds collection credits GoFundMe as one of the best crowdfunding platforms.

GoFundMe utilizes social media in its operations. A user has the liberty to link their social media platforms to generate donors and to advertise the endeavor to raise money. The ease of interconnection with social media eases the process of getting an audience and willing contributors. Therefore, one can easily leverage their social media following to impact giving campaigns, thereby increasing the chances of a successful donation endeavor.

No Deadlines

GoFundMe does not include any deadlines. People can make contributions towards projects for as long as they wish. The platform does not shut down projects or give time limits. Therefore, users have the privilege to make contributions for as long as possible. This provision means that those who wish to donate money but cannot access it at the moment can still be actively involved in contributions by sending in their money when they can.

One Can Raise Money For Almost Any Project

One can use GoFundMe to raise money for any undertaking. The platform does not discriminate against any legal endeavor to raise money. Therefore, people can use the platform to raise money for school fees or to fulfill their dream to travel to Fiji. The flexibility of the platform appeals to many. They find in GoFundMe a platform that eases their money collection and allows them to raise money for whatever they wish.

GoFundMe’s Cons

Campaign Organizers Have To Fulfill Certain Withdrawal Requirements

There are parameters in place that govern funds withdrawal. Failure to meet these criteria means that one cannot withdraw funds. Such restrictions limit the liberty of those involved in the donation collections. Whereas the requirements are essential for safety and for the platform to run effectively, they may be time-consuming and bothersome to those who would wish for a quicker transaction.

Privacy Issue

Those living in the United States have to consider their security while using GoFundMe as they have to divulge their Social Security numbers. The threat of unsavory characters getting hold of such sensitive information should caution those who want to launch GoFundMe accounts about the prospects of a privacy/security breach. Giving up such information may endanger a person’s well-being as criminal elements might use such information to fleece victims or frame them in acts of criminality.

One Has to Build Their Community

GoFundMe requires those who start campaigns to build their community. The person with the campaign has to lobby well-wishers to take up the cause to facilitate the undertaking in question. Therefore, it requires diligent work to recruit donors who would willingly give their money towards a project. The quest to woo an audience to give their money is arduous and requires creativity from the one running the campaign.

Unsupported Countries

GoFundMe does not support donations from several countries across the globe. Therefore, users are disadvantaged as they cannot access funds from many countries mostly in the African continent. The inability to support donations from distant countries pushes many people to disregard the platform as a donations medium. Several other options including PayPal which covers many more countries become a better alternative to GoFundMe in such instances. 

Donor Identification

GoFundMe has the downside of requiring identification from the donor. One does not have the liberty to donate anonymously. As such, it is a disadvantage for those who would wish to remain unnamed. Therefore, those looking for donations through GoFundMe have to do without those who do not wish to be recognized. Including an option to donate anonymously would hasten the growth of the platform as it will encourage more donors and also make many who wish to contribute comfortably as they choose to contribute anonymously.


GoFundMe accepts PayPal donations in 2021. The company continues to ease the process of donating and withdrawing collected money on its platform. The inclusion of PayPal as a source of funds will expand GoFundMe operations which continue to expand in recent years.


Does GoFundMe Charge A Platform Fee?

No. GoFundMe does not include platform fees for its service. Users only have to pay a specified percentage in the agreement; they do not incur any other additional charges

Does GoFundMe Require You To Meet Goals?

GoFundMe does not require you to meet any goals. Users can request withdrawals even without meeting their intended targets. The flexibility of GoFundMe is necessary to avoid a long drawn-out process while claiming funds that may result from a failure to meet a previously outlined goal.

Do GofundMe take PayPal?

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