Jack Williams Tire Warranty

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One of the benefits of using a tire that has an effective warranty policy is that it covers you from the expenses of fixing damages. That is why you need to shop for tires at stores that offer effective and reliable warranty policies.

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Jack Williams Tire Warranty

Jack Williams tire & Auto Service Center has a tire warranty policy for customers. To access this service, you need to have proof of payment and also, the tires must have been purchased from Jack Williams or an authorized franchise.

Content of Jack Williams Tire Warranty Policy

Here are some necessary things you should know about Jack Williams warranty policy;

A tire can be replaced if it’s within 12 months of purchase.

For wheel balancing and alignment services, the tire must be purchased within six months of request and not driven past 6,000 miles.

For brake service, steering, struts, steering, and suspension parts, the warranty policy is for 12 months starting from the time of purchase and must be driven within only 12,000 miles.

The warranty covers protection for your tires if damaged within a 12-mile distance.

You can contact Jack Williams customer support to request a tire replacement.

You need to provide proof of purchase (invoice) before your request can be processed.

The tires can be fixed on the old vehicle from you if the first tires were fixed.

Jack William’s repair unit will first examine if the tires can be repairable. If they can not be repaired, you’ll be given a replacement.

How to access the Jack Williams Tire warranty

To get access to Jack Williams tire warranty services, you will need to ensure that you still have the purchase invoice gotten from the tire dealer. You can request a warranty by contacting the store’s support center, you will be asked a few questions for confirmation and directed on how your damaged tires would get replaced for a new one.

Benefits of the Jack Williams Tire Warranty

Road Hazard Program

One of the benefits you can get when you purchase your tires from Jack Williams is that they will be covered under the Road Hazard program. What this means is that you will get a replacement for your tires if they get damaged after 12 months of purchase. To be qualified for this program, your tire must be driven within a 12 miles distance. If you drive above the required miles by the company, you will still be allowed to get a replacement but you will be charged for the repairs or maintenance done to your old tires.

Total Time Protection Plan

The time protection plan is available to help get a free replacement to customers when their tire gets damaged. To get this service at Jack Williams, you will need to purchase the plan when getting a tire from the store. This plan will act as a form of cover to help you get a new tire in case the old tires get damaged.

Repair Service

Jack Williams does not just offer replacement to damaged tires under the warranty policy; they also offer repair services. This repair service is a form of corrective maintenance done on tires when brought in for damage. Before a tire can be confirmed damaged and replaced for a new one, it will first be examined by the store’s repair unit to check if it can be repaired. If there is no hope for a repair, the tire will be taken and a new one will be given to the customer.

Shop at a Budget

Jack Williams products and services are available to people at convenient prices. Apart from the affordability of the product, they are also made to come with complimentary services that will help consumers cut maintenance costs. For example, you can have your tires purchased and repaired at Jack Williams. Purchasing and maintaining tires at the store helps you to cut costs that would have been spent on when you take the tires to a repair shop.

Easy and Smooth Service

Jack William’s warranty makes the replacement and repair steps quite easy to understand. After contacting the store for a repair or replacement, you will be allowed to visit at your convenience your tires would be checked and a new set of tires would be given to you at zero or low cost.

Handled by Experts

Jack Williams has different experts who are skilled in handling different services involving vehicles and tires. You do not have to worry about them making a mistake or not understanding what kind of services you want. Apart from their expertise, their approach to customer relationship and management is also impressive; you get attended to as quickly as possible and the store ensures there’s a follow-up to get feedback about your experience with your new/ repaired tires.


Jack Williams has an exceptional tire service; they sell quality tires and also complement that with different maintenance services. When getting your tires from Jack Williams, ensure you remember to sign up for the effective tire protection plans covered by the brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get a tire warranty if my tire is damaged within the 12 months of purchase and has passed 13,000 miles?

Your tire will still be allowed to access the maintenance services. But, there might be a charge for the service.

2. How do I request a tire replacement?

You can visit any of the Jack William stores close to you to request or check the customer service on the website.

Jack Williams Tire Warranty

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