Does Mercari Take Afterpay?

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Credit buying has long been in existence, it is regarded as what formed the middle class in the developed world. However, it has gone beyond the physical exchange of goods for free to pay later but is now digital (online). Many online shops accept different forms of payment options, but some do not. Let us see whether Mercari takes Afterpay as a means of credit buying.

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Mercari Take Afterpay

Although Mercari accepts several forms of buy now and pays later, such as Apple pay, PayPal, and Zip, they do not take Afterpay credit cards. The reason could be that Afterpay might have not partnered with them or that they failed to reach an agreement on their business terms or conditions. However, Mercari has a wonderful credit buying opportunity that attracts consumers and retailers. With a bold letter on their website, they put up a slogan “Enjoy Now and Pay Later. How is this possible? The following will interest you on how it works.

How to use Zip for purchase at Mercari

Step 1. Download: Check your app store to download the latest version of the Mercari app. 

Step 2.  Item selection: Select the item of interest and check for the Zip logo to see whether the item qualifies. If it qualifies select zip under the payment option. 

Step 3: Account creation: You will be redirected to open a Zip account. It is easy to enter your name and necessary details.

Step 4: Payment Stage: Lookup for “4 payments’’ before the Zip logo and click on it. 

Step 5: Notification Stage: You will receive two emails of confirmation from zipping and Mercari.

Step 6: Final Step: You can now enjoy your products and pay later. Note that you have to make 

25% payment of the cost of the product being purchased. The remaining three payments will be made bi-weekly for six weeks 

Available commodities for credit purchase (using Zip) at Mercari

Mercari has about three main collections that comprise everything humans need for their daily living. They include: 

Home decoration:

These include: baskets, clocks, decorative pillows, doormats, doorstops, draft stoppers, home decor accents, home fragrance, mirrors, tapestries, window treatments, vases, area rugs, rug pads, candle holders, candle warmers, fragrance oils, home candles, other candle accessories, wax melts, fireplace accessories, fireplaces, home decor lamps, home decor lighting, home decor lamp accessories, photo albums, picture frames, aromatherapy diffusers.

Vintage & Collectibles:

These includes:  jewelry, clothing, home décor, accessories, housewares, supplies, antique, paper ephemera, serving, book, bags and purses, electronics, furniture, trading cards, other, collectible coins, collectible paper money


These includes: cameras & photography, computers & laptops, cell phones & accessories, tv & video, video games & consoles, car audio, video & GPS, media, computer components & parts, wearables, smart home & security, home audio, headphones & mp3 players, tablets & e-readers, drones, virtual reality.

Retail stores that take AfterPay 

Several stores take AfterPay, below are some of the popular stores. They include:


They have three departments, they are: home decoration, vintage and collectibles, and electronics.


They deal in women’s clothing, accessories, and home decorations.


They deal in women’s clothing and fitness apparel.


They deal in shoes and apparel.

Bottom line

Credit purchase has come to stay and has become very easy these days with just the aid of smartphones. Mercari is one of the big retailer stores in the US, they take Zip instead of AfterPay. However, several stores take AfterPay, which you can go for. Therefore, you need to be careful in making use of this opportunity so that you will not run into serious debt.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • What does it involve to use Zip in purchasing at Mercari?

It requires a smartphone, a Mercari app, easy registration, an initial payment of $25, and paying bi-weekly for 6 weeks.

  • Are there consequences if I do not meet up with the payment plan with zipping?

Yes, you will be charged to pay interest if you did not meet up with the payment plan.

  • What are the advantages of buying on credit with Mercari using Zip?

The advantages include; your payment will be split into four parts enabling you to acquire an expensive product.  The process is very simple and will enable you to manage your cash flow by putting your money to good use.

  • What are the bad consequences associated with credit purchase?

The major consequence of credit buying is that it encourages overspending, and sometimes conditions might change making you unable to meet the payment plan thereby heavy interest.  Credit buying might come up with fixed charges, which are usually explained to customers, such fees might be added to your monthly payments that will cost you much and you may feel regret and wished to have to buy them without going for credit buying.

Does Mercari Take Afterpay?

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