Quality Inn Loyalty Program

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A better way to enjoy the hospitability that Quality Inn provides is by getting access to the topmost exquisite services it provides to customers. Well, an easy way to get these exquisite services is through being part of the Quality Inn Loyalty Program. Read on to find out all about the program.

Quality Inn Loyalty Program

The Quality Inn Loyalty Program is allowed to be accessed by customers who register for it. Interestingly, membership for this loyalty program is completely free. All that is needed to become a member is by filling out free the membership form online.

What you need to know about Quality Inn Loyalty Program

Here are some details you should know before you apply for the membership form;

The registration does not require you to pay any amount before you can become a member; it is completely free.

You need a valid email address to register for the loyalty program.

Once you fill out the membership form and has been confirmed, you automatically become a member of the Loyalty program in all Choice Hotels worldwide.

Although the registration does not require any cost, only residents of some specific locations are allowed to join.

On specific purchases made at the Hotel, the loyalty program gives members what is called ‘point.’ Points can be saved up and used to get access to services later on.

A membership card will be given to you; your membership card is what you will need to make payments.

Quality Inn Loyalty Program provides members with free services, access to pay at lower rates and also, quick updates on promotions.

Location Required 

The Quality Inn Loyalty Program limits its services to some specific locations. Here are the locations allowed to have access to the loyalty program;

  • United States of America
  • Europe
  • Canada
  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • Australia
  • Central America
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore

If you do not reside in any of the above-listed locations, ensure you confirm from Quality Inn’s customer support to inquiry if you are eligible for the program.

Benefits of Quality Inn Loyalty Program

Here are some important benefits you will get access to when you join the Quality Inn loyalty program:

Customer Satisfaction

Quality Inn as a brand under the umbrella of Choice Hotels has over the years created different series of engaging and appraising customer satisfaction programs. By creating these kinds of programs, the brand focuses on giving customers their best and also helping in maintaining the loyalty the customers have for the brand. Introducing the loyalty program, and allowing customers to access the membership at zero costs, makes their services more attractive to customers.

Sales Promotions

As a member of the Quality Inn Loyalty Program, you will be given a membership card while at the hotel. This membership card is required for you to use as a method of payment before your transaction can be tracked. At every certain purchase you make, you will be getting a point, these points are for you to save up and used in future purchases as a form of payment. You can see the points as money. When members realize that there is an opportunity for them to pay with points, tend to use the hotel services often to get more points. The provision of points as a form of payment is a way of strategically placing customers to use the hotel services often, indirectly, boosting sales.

Special treats

The brand recognizes and values every single member of the loyalty program. As a member, some of the benefits you will enjoy are getting special treats such as; free meals, birthday parties, discounts on the room, easy reservation of room and hall, car hire, anniversary parties, VIP treatments, and many more. While registering to be a member of the loyalty program, ensure you provide important information about yourself such as your correct name, date of birth, address, etc. These details would be used to give you treats. For example, your birthday treats discounts on Choice hotels close to your location and many more.

Brand Development

Taking a brand name to the public becomes easier when it has quality services to offer. The benefits that Choice Hotels enjoy through the Quality Inn loyalty program help the brand to gain trust from customers, and those trust, in turn, result in boosting the image of the brand to the public. A brand that has offered satisfactory services to customers will have little worries about how well the brand will be developed.

How to Avoid Missing out on the Benefits

Become a member

You will be required to join the Quality Inn Loyalty Program before you can access the numerous benefits of the program. You can sign up by filling out the free form on the website.

Turn on notifications

Ensure your email and SMS notifications are turned on at all times to avoid missing out on all the benefits the brand has to offer.

Use the services regularly

The more you make purchases, the more you get to earn points at the hotels. Also, remember to use your membership card while making payments.


Since its inception, Quality Inn has been interested in satisfying its customers and also keeping them. This is why it has introduced the loyalty program which is open to all intending customers and their families.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Can I get points without using my membership card?

No, you cannot. You will need a membership card before you can earn points.

  1. How do I know I am qualified for the loyalty program?

Check through the requirements listed above. You can also contact Quality Inn customer support for more clarification.

Quality Inn Loyalty Program

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