IKEA Plants-Know more

IKEA, headquartered in the Netherlands, is a multinational conglomerate that provides home accessories, furnishing, kitchen appliances, and more. This worldwide leading retailer does not leave any chance to furnish your home. You can add greenery to your house through the plants provided by the company and make it look more pleasant. This article explains more about the IKEA Plants.

IKEA Plants-Know more

IKEA sells indoor and outdoor artificial and live plants. But, it provides outdoor potted plants more than the small plants found in nurseries. Its live plants are cheaper, while the artificial ones are costlier. However, IKEA’s plants are considered healthy and of good quality. The company also sells palettes, pots, and planters.

IKEA Plants

The labels on the plants indicate the recommended temperature, time for watering, place, sunlight, and other conditions for them. The company gets creative while providing the products to you. However, you cannot return the plants to the stores.

You may check the availability of live and artificial plants online but must order or reserve only the latter due to the complications in transportation. Most IKEA plants are already potted. So, moving the plants to another pot up to one year of purchase is not required. The company sells monstera, cactus, palms, figs, hanging plants, aloe and dracaena plants, and more.

IKEA provides a selective range of plants. The following are some plants sold by the company:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Himalayamix
  • Tropisk
  • Sansevieria
  • Ficus
  • Cactaceae
  • Succulent, and more.

IKEA’s Artificial Plants

Not all IKEA plants are green. So, if you are a greenery lover, you may purchase artificial plants. These plants do not die, look fresh all the time, and last long. They do not require water but daily dusting and deep cleaning twice a year. You may find them expensive because their producers invest their time, efforts, and money in carefully creating them. You can place IKEA’s artificial plants indoors and outdoors.

Some artificial plants offered by IKEA are as follows:

  • Bonsai with pot
  • Smycka
  • Orchid
  • Fejka
  • Hydrangeas
  • Wild artificial plants, and more.

Selecting and caring for an IKEA Plant:

IKEA’s succulents and cactuses are in trend because it gets easy to care for them. The sources that supply plants to the company perform enough research on them. IKEA uses tissue culture for plants that are rare but in demand. You will find seasonal and new plants on the shelves of the stores. A dry plant may weigh light. Purchase plants from the center of the racks. New plants get stocked in the IKEA stores four times a year. Regular plants get restocked on Mondays like other products. However, the availability may get affected by various external factors.

The water requirements of the plants change according to the season, species, climate, and environment. It sells durable plants that require less care. If you want to place many IKEA plants on your shelf, you may put the smaller ones on the top and the bigger ones at the bottom. The company also sells ODLA clay palettes, pots, and hanging planters. Thus, you can arrange and care for the plants.

You may put them in another pot if you observe the following cases:

  • The soil dries faster and requires frequent watering.
  • Roots reach the drainage holes and grow further.
  • The plant was potted or repotted before 12 or 18 months.
  • The plant has stopped growing.
  • It takes up more space than required in the pot.

Costs of IKEA Plants:

The IKEA plants are cheaper because the company gets them from local sources. So, the plants you order must get compatible weather, temperature, and other environmental factors of your area because they disturb the supply. The cheapest live IKEA plant is the Dragon Plant which costs $1.99, and the most expensive are the tropical plants costing $34.99. Many IKEA stores sell similar plants, but the availability may differ. The cheapest IKEA artificial plant costs $1.29, and the expensive one costs $99.99.


IKEA aims at customer satisfaction by providing various items. The house plants appeared in the company’s catalog for the first time in 1958. So, it is not only a furniture company anymore. These plants get considered healthy and of good quality. This Swedish retailer operates across 49 countries. You may not get better plants if you do not know how the IKEA plant department works. So, this article helps you to understand how the stores stock the plants and how to select, maintain, and spend on them.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What are the competitors of IKEA in selling plants?


Some competitors of IKEA that sell plants are Target, Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Bloomscape, and more.

  1. How Does IKEA Support Plant Selling?


It finds the plants an easier way to make your homes lively. IKEA and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences carried out research to learn how plants are advantageous for our health. You may get creative and stress-free due to the plants at your home. So, the company offers live and artificial plants at affordable prices.

IKEA Plants-Know more

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