How Old Do You Have To Be To Work at USPS?


The United States Postal Service also known as USPS is an American-based mail company. Customers who are willing to send mails or packages do it from USPS. This mail-service company is only responsible for providing postal service for the customers in the United States of America. 

The government mail-service company does have an age limit for the workers. The minimum age required to work at any USPS department is 18. Unfortunately, below that age limit, the individual will not be allowed to work. Fortunately, there is no maximum age limit to work at the mail-service company. 

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There are other criteria set by this mail company. One can read all of them by just visiting the official website of the company. Interestingly, the age limit varies as for the position. The company has set different age limits for different job roles at USPS. 


Eligibility Requirements to work at USPS

Other than age criteria, the company does have other requirements as per the job role. Before the hiring process, the candidate must ensure that they pass all the criteria. The service company is highly possessive and strict while hiring new candidates. Following are the criteria;

  • The application form is made available online by the service company. All the eligible candidates must fill out all the asked details in the form.
  • After the forms are filled up and submitted they are double-checked by the concerned authorities. The concerned authorities check all the minimum requirements by looking at the filled forms. 
  • The authorities ensure that the age limit is proper, restrictions on the employment of relatives, and SSS requirements. 
  • If these are passed by the candidate then they are asked for an interview by the hiring team or manager. 
  • The candidates who are shortlisted must ask for all the details about the further interview process. Additionally, the candidates must ensure that they are not unclear about anything. 

Minimum and Maximum Age Criteria at USPS

The minimum age criteria from most of the companies are 18-years-old and above. The same is expected from the mail-service company. The candidate must be 18 years old to be eligible for any minimum role at the company. Fortunately, there is no maximum age limit to be selected at USPS. Even an elderly fulfilling all the requirements can be selected for any job at USPS. But, there are certain age criteria for some job roles at USPS. Even an 18-year-old cannot be appointed for such job roles at USPS. 

If a candidate is willing to apply for Postal Inspections positions at USPS they must be 21-years-old and above. The mail-service company will strictly not hire any candidates below that age limit. Additionally, this position has a maximum age limit as well. The candidates willing to apply for the same job role must not be older than 36. The candidates must be between 21-36 years old. 

Interestingly, the company does offer positions for high school graduates and local school pass-outs. The minimum age limitation for those job roles at USPS is 16-years-old. There might not be a maximum age limit we are sure that any elderly would not be put into such roles. 

Salaries at USPS

The newly hired candidates will surely not be placed at a higher job position. The base pay for the newly hired candidates will be lower than other job positions. Still, the mail-service company opens up many job positions for suitable candidates. If the candidates inherit the required skills for that job role then they will be placed at the same. 

The salary for some of the job roles at USPS are the following:-

Job Position (Name)Hourly Rate
Administrative Assistant$17.30 per hour
Standard Clerk$11.15 per hour
Clerical Worker $18.45 per hour
Clerk Officer $18.65 per hour
Copy Center Associate $13.32 per hour
Call Center Representative $17.28 per hour
Customer Care Specialist $21.35 per hour
Front Desk Agent $13.50 per hour
Passport Agent $20.65 per hour
Rural Carrier Associate $18.95 per hour
Mail Carrier $17.05 per hour
Mail Handler $14.75 per hour

These are some of the base salaries provided to the worker at USPS. Additionally, the base salary will depend on the state and area that the individual is working. But, we could expect a very closely-related payment for the job role that one is looking for. 


Most mail companies in the country have the same minimum age criteria set. The rules and regulations are the same for all candidates and the companies. USPS has always been a trusted company because of its great service to the customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does USPS hire elder workers?

Answer- Yes, the mail-service company does hire elder workers because they do not have maximum age criteria. 

  1. Is it very difficult to get hired at USPS?

Answer- No, it is not difficult to get hired at USPS. 

  1. What is the payment system at USPS?

Answer- All the workers at USPS are paid on a bi-weekly basis by the service company. 

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work at USPS?

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