How does Starbucks make cold foam?

Starbucks is a chain of coffee houses that are spread over several countries. It was founded in 1971 by Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegel, and Gordon Bowker as a coffee bean store and it was converted into a coffee shop after being sold to Howard Schultz in the early 1980s. It has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, and has become the world’s largest coffee house chain today. Let’s know about How does Starbucks make cold foam?

How does Starbucks make cold foam?

Cold foam is frothed milk that is usually used as a topping on coffee and similar beverages. It gives a creamy texture to your coffee, hot or iced. In the case of a hot beverage, it melts when it hits the drink, but that does not happen with a cold beverage. Starbucks offers cold foam in different flavors as well. They prepare cold foam using non-fat milk in a special blender. If you are one of those who are addicted to having cold foam on your coffee, read on to find more about it.

What is Cold foam?

Have you ever relished a coffee with a snowy topping that gradually makes its way into your coffee as you sip it? If you have, you know that it is not only beautiful but also delicious. It is nothing but frothed milk that is added with a flavor of your choice and sweetened at times. It can be used for hot beverages as well as for iced coffee and the likes of it. In the case of a hot drink, it melts and dissolves in it, but if it is a cold beverage, you can enjoy it for a longer while.

Cold foam at Starbucks

Starbucks uses non-fat milk to make cold foam, so there is no need to worry about taking in extra calories. They offer many flavors of cold foam and you can order as per your liking. You can order cold foam with any iced drink and not just with coffee. Though you will be charged an extra cost for the cold foam yet it is definitely worth the price. Here are some of the flavored cold foams that are available at Starbucks.

  • Salted caramel cold foam
  • Pumpkin spice cold foam
  • Vanilla sweet cream cold foam
  • Strawberry cold foam
  • Matcha cold foam

At Starbucks, the iced drinks with which you ask for cold foam are listed as follows.

  • Iced cappuccino
  • Iced latte
  • Iced espresso
  • Iced mocha
  • Iced tea latte
  • Cold brews and nitro cold brews
  • Violet drink or dragon drink

How to make cold foam at home?

  1. Get your ingredients ready. You only need non-fat milk and your choice of syrup or simple sugar. You can add vanilla if you wish to.
  2. You can use two different ways to make cold foam. 
  • French Press Method: Pour your ingredients into the press and cover the lid. All you have to do now is to move the plunger up and down. 
  • Milk Frother Method: Pour your ingredients into a tall container and whisk them using a handheld frother for about 30 seconds.
  1. Top your iced beverage with the obtained cold foam. 

Which one is better to use – the French Press or the Milk Frother?

French PressMakes better cold foamDifficult to clean
Milk FrotherMuch easier to cleanThe cold foam obtained is not as smooth as it is with a French Press

Depending on the above information, you can choose as per your convenience and preference.

Should you use full-fat milk for cold foam?

It is a popular conception that whole milk or heavy cream is required to make cold foam. But, that is not true. In fact, the best cold foam can be made from skimmed milk, the reason being that it contains more protein content. Now you can rest assured that you will not have to take in more calories to enjoy your favorite cold foam topping on your drink.


The next time you order your favorite iced beverage at Starbucks, ask for a cold foam topping so that you can not only adore the beauty but also the creamy taste of your drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there any other way to make cold foam without using a French Press or a Milk Frother?

Yes, you can make cold foam in other ways but it may not be as smooth and creamy as you might expect. Pour your ingredients in a jar, shut the lid firmly and toss it continuously until the volume is doubled. The resultant foam can be used as a topping on your drink.

  1. Is cold foam at Starbucks healthy?

The cold foam at Starbucks is made using non-fat milk and not heavy cream, so rest assured that you will not be having too many calories by relishing your beautiful yet delicious coffee.

How does Starbucks make cold foam?

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