How to fix Verizon visual voicemail?

Verizon visual voicemail provides customers with easy access to their messages via the web or an app on their smartphone, which makes it easy to check your voicemail even when you’re in a meeting or on vacation. However, there may be times when Visual Voicemail stops working properly and you aren’t able to listen to your messages or send new ones, requiring the Visual Voicemail troubleshooting process. In here, we know “How to fix Verizon visual voicemail?”.

How to fix Verizon visual voicemail

The good news is that Verizon visual voicemail can be fixed by following some of the tips below:

  • Part 1 – Activate your existing service

If you’re not yet a customer of Verizon, don’t worry. You can still use verizon visual voicemail service; you just need to activate it first. The first step is going online and navigating over to a specific page on their website where you can add your phone number. Make sure your phone is active for Verizon visual voicemail, or ask for help from a store representative if needed. A card will arrive in 3-5 business days that allows you to activate visual voicemail on your phone within minutes—it involves calling an 800 number, entering some information into your phone, and then waiting for activation codes via text message or email.

  • Part 2 – Change the password from the backup page

What you want to do is try a password reset with a known good password and then take note of what happens. Use Google for an idea on what that could be, or just try password1. If it works, use it instead. If not, pick another password and repeat until you find one that does work. Note down how much time you tried with each one as there’s no visual indication in vvm of whether or not your passwords have been changed (or what they were). You’ll need that info when you call in if something goes wrong later. Sometimes they have also found that if a number has previously attempted their login many times in a short period, it will revert back to their previous password automatically. They always ask Customer Support to check and see what previous attempts may have been made before beginning our password guessing process – although sometimes CSR will say no without looking themselves so just make sure you get some kind of confirmation either way.

  • Part 3 – Enable visual voicemail on your phone

First off, you need to know if your phone has visual voicemail. To find out, open up your main messaging app and look for a menu button in one of its corners. It’ll say something like manage messages. Press it and navigate through any menus until you find Verizon visual voicemail, which will be located at either the bottom or top of a submenu. Make sure that it’s enabled!

  • On your device, tap Phone > Menu > Settings. 
  • If you’re using Android, tap Menu > Call settings. 
  • Tap More settings at the bottom of your screen and then tap Network> voicemail notifications. 
  • If you’re using an iPhone, tap Settings > Phone > Accessibility.

If you’re having trouble setting up visual voicemail on your phone, contact customer service. They can help resolve most issues with accessing or setting up visual voicemail. In this way you can fix Verizon visual voicemail.

To enable visual voicemail access by email:

Open a web browser on a computer connected to your home network with internet access.

  • Part 4 – Restore from backup

The most obvious way to get your phone’s voicemail back is to restore from backup. This is what I’d try before anything else (like forwarding calls). To do so, open Settings, tap Phone, and then tap Call Forwarding. Choose Do Not Forward and give it a few minutes. Then head into Backup & reset and tap Restore Phone. This will erase everything on your phone, but you can set it up as new afterwards with no problem. Your messages should be restored and you’re good to go! The problem here is that it might not work for some people. If you don’t have a backup made in the last month or two, it’ll likely still have nothing there (which leads us on nicely to our next tip).

If you don’t have access to visual voicemail, call customer service and ask them about enabling it on your account. You should also ask if they can send SMS text notifications when someone leaves a message for you. Without these two features, visual voicemail is rather useless since there’s no way to tell whether someone left you a voice message without calling into customer service—and even then many carriers don’t offer automated notification services.

Part 5 – Reset app preferences

 You may have accidentally turned off voicemail while playing around with settings within an app. For example, many third-party email apps have a setting called Display unknown messages. These are often defaulted to show all emails, which includes your visual voicemails as well. Double check any apps and settings that you’ve made changes to recently because these could stop visual voicemails from showing up – without telling you about it!​ This is to fix your Verizon visual voicemail.

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How to fix Verizon visual voicemail?

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