AT&T Voicemail Service Not Available- What To Do?

Voicemails are helpful. They help callers leave messages for other people. They also increase the chances of the recipient answering the call the next time and even a call-back. For the recipient, voicemail messages help to understand which call is urgent and which isn’t. The benefits are enormous, which is why people get frustrated when they have issues with their voicemails. So, What to do when AT&T Voicemail Service Not Available?

AT&T Voicemail Service Not Available

AT&T voicemail service could be unavailable for several reasons, including weak wireless network signal, not activating call forwarding to your voicemail, or a failure to set up your AT&T visual voicemail account. As you can imagine, there are fixes for all causes of AT&T voicemail unavailability.

Reasons for AT&T Voicemail Service Being Unavailable

  • Wireless Network Strength

AT&T voicemail service depends on several factors to work effectively. Such factors include the strength of the AT&T network in your area, the kind of device you are using, your data subscription, your device storage, memory, & nearness to the AT&T coverage area, and so forth. If, for example, you are in an environment where the AT&T network is poor or your data plan or balance does not support voicemail, you will have difficulties using the service and, in that case, your voicemail service will not be available.

  • Not setting up Voicemail Call Forwarding

You may not be around to take a call at the moment, and you might be expecting to be able to listen to the voicemails you received in that. But such an expectation will be cut short if you did not set up your calls to be sent to your voicemail when you can’t talk.

  • Not Setting Up Your Visual Voicemail

Visual voicemail is more like the advanced version of voicemail. It lets you use more features than voicemail allows. This is very unlikely to cause the voicemail service to be unavailable, but it is a factor worth considering when your AT&T voicemail service is not working.

Fixes for AT&T Voicemail Service Not Available

When your AT&T voicemail service is unavailable, you can take one or a combination of the steps below to restore the service and enjoy it.

  • Check your wireless network strength.

To enjoy the benefits of AT&T’s voicemail service; your internet connection must be up and running. It takes internet data to use voicemail, download visual voicemail messages, and get voicemail notification alerts.

To be sure that the strength of your network signal is sufficient:

Take the following steps to rectify any internet connection issue:

  • Turn off Airplane mode on your phone. You can find it close to the data switch on your notification bar.
  • Turn the phone off and leave it for 10 seconds
  • Switch your phone on again.
  • Dial 611 to test the signal.
  • Did the test call connect? Press ‘1’ for seconds until you connect to the voicemail system.
  • Did the test call fail? Check your wireless coverage to see if the AT&T network is available in the area in the first place.

You can also:

  • Restore your device’s factory network settings. Resetting your network to its factory setting. Refresh your network settings to clear out any unhelpful data that may be clogging up the connectivity. To do this, go to Settings on your device and click on General. Then select Reset and Click on Reset Network Setting.

Set up voicemail

You may have lost touch with the voicemail service because you changed your phone or SIM card, but you can always set up your voice mail on your new device. To do that:

  • Visit
  • Select your phone brand and model
  • Provide other information regarding your phone, and you’ll be directed guided to set up your voicemail. Failure to set up your voicemail results in automatic removal.

For Account Security, Reset your Voicemail password When Necessary. 

You should change your voicemail password for several reasons, but the main ones are security and smooth access to the service. You can only change your password in the following steps in areas where your AT&T network is strong enough.

  • Go to your
  • Select ‘My wireless.’
  • Navigate to the My Devices & Add-ons sections.
  • Select the voicemail phone.
  • Click Manage my device.
  • You’ll see ‘Device options and settings,’ select Reset voicemail password
  • Do as the screen says.


AT&T voicemail service is available to AT&T customers provided that they are with the AT&T coverage area. Other factors that could make the service unavailable are network strength and the failure to set up the voicemail service on the device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Does Forwarding Call to Voicemail Cost?

Concerning voicemail calls, here are a few things to know.

  • AT&T offers wireless plans that give additional voicemail minutes.
  • The cost of a voicemail depends on the length of the call.

Can I make calls from my phone when my voicemail is on?

Yes. You can make calls when your voicemail is on your phone. People trying to reach that moment will be told that your number is busy.

AT&T Voicemail Service Not Available- What To Do?

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