Does the real real accept affirm?

The Real Real is a perfect destination for luxury jewelry, clothing, shoes, home decor, etc. Many times, consumers want to buy luxury products from stores, but their budget doesn’t support it. Therefore, such stores partnered with financial technology companies like Affirm, Afterpay, Klarna, etc so that customers can buy products of their choice instantly. Does The Real Real partner with a financial technology company? Does The Real Real accept Affirm? 

Yes, The RealReal does accept Affirm as a payment option. After shopping from Affirm, at checkout buyers can select Affirm as a payment option. By Affirm, you can buy the product you want instantly. The payments could be made later on in equal monthly installments over three to twelve months. Affirm offers various payment plans to buyers. They can choose any of them to buy luxury products instantly. 

What is Affirm? 

Affirm is a financial technology company that has partnered with various merchants and stores in the USA to provide Buy Now and Pay Later services to buyers. It is one of the best alternatives to credit cards and other credit-providing options. The Buy Now Pay Later services to allow shoppers to buy any product instantly without thinking about the budget. Later on, the shoppers could complete the payment in fixed monthly installments. Affirm does not charge any interest if payments are made timely. 

How to use Affirm at the RealReal?

Using  Affirm for payment at The RealReal is simple. If you are not in a position to buy a product by paying immediately, Affirm is a very good choice. By taking an Affirm plan, you can pay for the product in equal monthly installments over the period. You can pay via Affirm at The RealReal in these simple steps- 

  • Add all the shopped items to your cart. 
  • Move to checkout and choose Affirm as the payment option. There are various payment options The RealReal offers. 
  • Affirm will then ask you for some personal information like your name, email, mobile number, date of birth, and social security number. 
  • After that, Affirm will send you a unique authorization number on your mobile for verification. After entering the number, Affirm will confirm your payment plan. 
  • Affirm will then send you the plan’s details like the loan amount, interest rate, installment amount, time for repayment, and other terms and conditions. 
  • Finally, to get the payment plan, you have to accept Affirm offers and the terms and conditions. 

How do you make the payment? 

By using Affirm at The RealReal, buyers get the problem instantly. Later on, the payment is made in equal installments over a while. There are 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months plans. Affirm notify you by SMS or email whenever the due date of payment comes. You can make the payment to Affirm by following these steps- 

  • Download the Affirm app and enter your mobile number to get a security pin.
  • Sign in using the pin.
  • You will get the details of loans and payment dues. 
  • Select the payment you have to make and complete it using your credit or debit card. 

Can I return items bought via Affirm? 

Yes, you are allowed to return the items bought via Affirm if it fits under the return policy of The RealReal. After returning the item, you will also get an eligible refund. If you return only a part of the purchase that is covered under the payment plans, the price of the item, applicable tax, and other fees will be credited to your Affirm account. 

If you have already paid the down payment and any installment of purchase, it will also be refunded to you. After completion of the refund process, Affirm will credit the refundable amount in the bank account or card you used earlier for payment. The amount will take a few days to get credited to your bank account or card. 

Other payment options at The RealReal 

Affirm is the major payment option for credit purchases at The RealReal. But other than Affirm, The RealReal offers various other payment options. The other payment options are-

  • Visa Debit / Credit Card 
  • MasterCard Debit / Credit Card 
  • American Express Debit / Credit Card 
  • Discover Debit / Credit Card 
  • PayPal. 


The RealReal is a luxurious store in the USA. It takes Affirm as a method of payment. If your budget doesn’t support shopping sometimes from The RealReal immediately, you can buy it via Affirm. Affirm allows you to pay later for your purchases. Payments are expected to be completed in fixed monthly installments. Apart from Affirm, there are other payment options at The RealReal, like cards and PayPal. 


  1. Does The RealReal take Afterpay?

Answer: The RealReal does not take Afterpay financial technology. It only takes Affirm payment plans. 

  1. At what interstate rate Affirm payment plans are available at The RealReal? 

Answer: At The RealReal, Affirm offers payment plans for three to twelve months at 0% APR. 

Does the real real accept affirm?

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