Does Zara have payment plans?

In this article, we will see Does Zara have payment plans?

With the rise in pandemic fear combined with ease of shopping online, everyone prefers to buy online, and one of the popular stores to buy clothes and decor in the United States of America is Zara. It is a fast fashion brand which allows people to stay in trend with latest fashion updates from the comfort of their home too. But, often the cart value exceeds our pocket limit, making it not possible to buy the things we like. Add on to it the disappointment when you come back later, the pieces are out of stock.

Does Zara have payment plans?

To get all you want without worrying about the monetary constraints, Zara offers multiple payment methods, ranging from credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and third party apps which it has a tie up with. This gives so much flexibility , variety and means to buy all you want without creating a huge hole in your pocket. Some payment methods even provide cash backs, so it is a win-win situation.

Different modes of payment method available


Debit and credit of visa, masterclass and other banks

Apps like Paypal

Apple and Google pay

Diners club

Discover network

American Express


Third party payment apps





Git card

Promotional codes

Zara membership card

Advantages of paying through third party apps :

When you are out of money or are on a budget but want to buy all the trendy clothes and decor is when the third party apps come into the picture. They are popular and used a lot due to their flexibility and budget friendly options, which can also be customised to our current financial situations.

There are majorly two apps serving this purpose, one is for zara clothing brand and the other is for its home decor domain. Zip is used for clothing whereas Humm is used in the decor section.

What is Zip pay?

It is an app that allows you to pay twenty five percent of your cost upfront and the total amount is paid in total instalments  of four over a period of six weeks. 

Steps to use Zip :

  1. Download the Zip App
  2. Look for ‘Zara’ store
  3. Add in your wanted items
  4. At checkout select Zip as payment method
  5. Pay 25 % first time and then slowly in installments within 6 week period

Payments made at Zara with Apple Pay:

The Zara stores accept Apple Pay and its payment process is the same as any other transaction with Apple Pay which involves paying through it’s contactless wallet. It is beneficial to use it as Apple pays around three percent cashback too at every transaction.

Advantages of using Apple Pay :

There are discounts offered when Apple Pay is added with a Debit card, increasing the savings.

It is a very safe secure and reliable payment method 

It avoids in collection of so many cards, serves as just one stop

It is advantageous for Zara too and not just customer because it reduces waiting time in line, increasing efficiency  of the store too.

Comparison between instant payment and pay later methods :

Instant Pay Later
Full cart amount to be paid at oncePayment can be done in installations
Independent cards – debit or creditThird party apps
Traditional methodNewer method
Standard and not flexible Customised and flexible
Pros of it :Cons of it:
Easy to useSecureLess riskSecurity riskDefault riskInvolvement of third party

Terms and conditions with different payment methods:

If payment is made via PayPal, Apple Pay, gift card or merchandise credit card issued by Zara USA Inc., the amount will be charged upon confirmation of the order. Payment may be made by Visa, MasterCard, American Express card and any other card accepted at the store. 

Conclusion :

Zara allows many forms of payments, be it direct or indirect. The concept of ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ has been very popular due to the convenience it offers along with flexibility. Zara has been trying to incorporate all forms of payments for making and attracting more customers.

Frequently asked questions :

Q 1. Does Zara take Afterpay ?

Ans. 1. No, it does not but it takes many other payment methods mentioned above.

Q 2. Is ZipPay secure ?

Ans 2. Yes, it has been serving eight million customers 

Q 3. Is Zara tied up with Apple Pay?

Ans 3. No, it is not with a tie up with Apple Pay but Apple Pay works with other debit cards and they are compatible with Zara payment plans

Q 4. Which standard payment methods are accepted at Zara ?

Ans 4. PayPal, Diners Club, Amex, Visa and Mastercards, cash

Q5. How secure is online payment on the Zara website ?

Ans 5. According to Zara, as published at their website they mention they are very particular with their website as well as third party link. They invest a lot in it’s security. 

They say ‘The security of the information that customers entrust with is one of our top priorities.

At, we invest a large amount of resources and use the most recent technologies available to ensure your data is processed in secure environments.

Our e-commerce platform boasts multiple best practices certifications for information security management, and also complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards which verify that we follow the most rigorous industry recommendations and standards in order to offer you a shopping experience within a private, trusted and secure environment.’ as mentioned on their website, (Source –

Does Zara have payment plans?

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