Carnival Loyalty Program- VIFP Benefits

Carnival Loyalty Program

Carnival is one of the largest international cruise lines ships that was founded by Ted Arison in 1972 and is currently owned by the American-British company Carnival Corporation & plc. The cruise line is best known for its Caribbean cruises and other amazing and exotic destinations and entertainment. The cruise line sails destinations like the Bahamas, Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, and Europe. Let’s know about Carnival Loyalty Program.

The Carnival cruise line has a loyalty program called the Very Important Fun Person Club (VIFP). 

The Very Important Fun Club Person Club (VIFP).

When a passenger books a cruise with the carnival cruise line they are automatically enrolled for the VIFP loyalty club and welcome the new members to access the members-only promotions and rates. The club also recognizes its past guests for their continued loyalty to the cruise line.

Once you book a cruise on the Carnival Cruise Line, you are automatically enrolled into the VIFP loyalty club under the blue level VIFP member. Members can activate their VIFP accounts via the carnival cruise line website.

The loyalty club has various levels of membership and each membership level has its benefits. . They are;

  1. Blue level VIFP benefits- this is the first-level membership and is available to first-time passengers.

They include;

  • Members are eligible for member-only promotions and offer discounts.
  • Members receive a newsletter accessible to members-only.
  1. Red level VIFP benefits – this is for the second cruise and passengers who have up to 24 VIFP points.

This membership is available from the second cruise and benefits are;

  • Members are eligible for member-only promotions and offer discounts.
  • Members receive a newsletter accessible to members-only.
  • A one-liter bottle of water is delivered to a red level member cabin
  1. Gold level VIFP benefits- this level is for members who have accumulated from 25 to about 74 VIFP points.

Members receive all the red  and blue VIFP benefits plus the following;

  • Members get a complimentary drink on the last night and five-night cruises or longer of the cruise sail.
  • Every time a member sails they get a gold VIFP pin.
  1. Platinum level VIFP benefits– members in these levels are those that have accumulated from about 75 to 199 VIFP points.

Members in this level receive all the red VIFP benefits plus the following;

  • Members are given priority during check-in and boarding.
  • Diamond and Platinum VIFP Party on five days sailings accompanied by complimentary drinks and appetizers.
  • Complimentary beverage during brunch, and if brunch is not available, the drink is served during breakfast or lunch.
  • Members get delights of chocolate on 5-day cruise sails.
  • Members get priority during spa reservations.
  • Get the buy one get one free entry tournament at the casino.
  • Guests under 18 years get complimentary credits worth $5.
  • Members get a redeemable Carnival logo gift every time they sail. They can redeem it in the photo gallery two days before the end of the cruise.
  • Members get priority while reserving the main dining room and the specialty restaurant.
  • Complimentary laundry service i.e fold and wash.
  • Priority line at onboard Guest Services desk.
  • Priority Guest Services assistance by phone.
  • Collectible and unique  pin received on each sailing
  1. Diamond level VIFP benefits- to be eligible for this level you must have accumulated over 200 VIFP points.

Members in this level receive all the platinum benefits plus the following additional benefits;

  • guaranteed Seats in the Main Dining Room for dinner only.
  • The Specialty Restaurant offers members a complimentary meal for two of a member’s choice.
  • Once a member reaches, the Diamond level VIFP Club luggage tag set is presented.
  • A dedicated number that is toll-free for sales and services.
  • Members get a Cabin upgrade and the third and fourth guests get to sail for free but, this is a one-time offer.
  • Invitation from the captain on each sailing.
  • Unlimited complimentary laundry service that includes wash and fold.


Although the carnival loyalty program has some good benefits and it is easy to climb to the top tier member level, it is not as competitive as other loyalty programs offered by rival cruise companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does one pay to join the VIFP Club?

No, there are no application fees, joining is free and the membership of the VIFP does not expire. 

  1.  How does one earn the VIFP points?

Members simply earn the VIFP points. For every day you have been on the cruise is equal to 1 VIFP point. 1cruise day= 1 VIFP point. 

  1. Are there other reward programs offered by carnival?

Yes, they have a reward program called the Milestone Rewards Program also offered to its VIFP members. This is where members receive rewards for example members who sail their 25th, 50th, and 75th cruise receive onboard credits of 25%, 50%, and 75%  of their cruise fare paid, a milestone card, and sign. Members who have reached their 100th sail receive a cruise of up to 8 days for two people and accommodation in the Ocean Suite level.

Carnival Loyalty Program- VIFP Benefits

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