Traveling through California roads may require paying tolls for road users. E-ZPass is an electronic system in which road users can pay their tolls. Using this automated toll system saves your time and it also saves you from embarrassment from the toll collectors. Another benefit is that you will enjoy a discount when you pay your toll through this platform. We want to discuss “does E-ZPass work in California?”, which the following paragraph will consider.


California is widely known for its population, the third-largest state in the US with residents of over 39.5 million. California has the largest economy in the United States of America and when compared to several other states in the world. Hence the reason it is one of the most popular nations in the whole world. With such population and economic growth, EZPass does not work in California. This entails that if you want to travel through California, an alternative automated toll collection system will be required. Therefore, it is best to research other automated toll collecting systems that function in the state.

Other automated toll system works in California

Driving conveniently in toll roads and lanes and toll bridges in California requires having a registered account with an automated toll collection system, and the only available tolls system in California is FasTrak. This is a wonderful platform for toll collection that enables road users in California to pay their tolls electronically. It saves time and embarrassment from the toll collectors, as you will drive without disturbance. FasTrak comes in three different types of tags, they include; clean air vehicle, flex, and standard.

How FasTrak works

FasTrak uses RFID technology of about 9156MHz to read data from a transponder mounted on the windshield of a vehicle. Through the RFID transponder, road users can easily make their payments with ease as the transponders are connected to every account holder’s vehicle. There are over five different toll facilities in California that use FasTrak.

Types of FasTrak accounts

All FasTrak accounts are entitled to a free sticker transponder. They include the following: 

  1. Prepaid Account: The prepaid account comes with features such as; free account opening, prepay tolls payment timing, discounted tolls with a credit card, cash or cheque payment method. This account is also accepted in every region of California.
  2. FasTrak Charge account: this account comes with features such as; free account opening, no discount tolls, credit card, cash or cheque payment method, tolls are charged individually. This account is also accepted in every region of California.
  3. FasTrak Invoice account: To open this account a $2 involve fee is usually charged, no discounted tolls, tolls are invoiced monthly. This account is also accepted in every region of California.

Steps to open a FasTrak account

The following steps are important if you want to become a FasTrak account holder. They involve the following. 

  1. Create an account Online: the easy and fast way to create an account with FasTrak. This can be done through their online site: Afterward you will get a confirmatory notification. Some locations have toll tags available for immediate use in a retail store, however, you will still be required to register it via the online portal
  2. Order by Phone: Toll tags can also be ordered via FasTrak toll-free line: 877-22-8655. Note to manage an account open by phone call requires an account to be opened through the FasTrak website
  3. By mail order: FasTrak toll tag can be ordered through US mail by printing and mailing in a Fas Tak application form. Try to stick to the guidelines and complete the, which is the final part of the application.

Bottom Line

California is a state in the United States of America. They have a booming economy and highly attract several individuals for business and other purposes. E-ZPass does not work in California and the reason could be that they are yet to partner with each other. However, there are other forms of electronic toll collection systems available for you in California, but you can choose FasTrak. It is the best-known and acceptable toll collection platform in California. The FasTrak comes in different types and works perfectly. Therefore, if you are considering passing through California, you follow the above-mentioned steps to become an account holder with them. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Why does E-ZPass not work in California?

The reason could be that FasTrak has already partnered with the California state’s authority. Or it could be that the E-ZPass company is yet to enter into a business agreement with the California state government. 

  • Is there any security fee attached with FasTrak?

Yes, there is. FasTrak account holders are usually required to pay a security deposit. 


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