Can You Use Victoria’s Secret Cards At PINK?

Can You Use Victorias Secret Cards At PINK?

In this era, buying and selling have become highly digitalized that you just need your credit or debit card, and your passcode or pin to go shopping. This is amazing!!! Imagine, no need of carrying physical cash around, and there is no more waiting for your balance after payment, since you can enter the exact amount of the purchase you want to make in your app. Several retail stores even issue their card, one of such is Victoria’s Secret retail stores, which issues Victoria’s Secret Cards. In this article, we want to discuss whether Victoria’s Secret Card can be used for purchasing products at Pink’s Stores. The topic is ‘Can You Use Victoria’s Secret Cards At PINK?’

PINK is an apparel industry and a subsidiary company managed by Victoria’s Secret. At PINK you can use Victoria’s Secret Card because Victoria’s Secret is just like a parent company to PINK. We can conclude that PINK is a division of Victoria’s Secret.  They also share the same website. In addition, the PINKs have a special segment in the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, to feature their products. But you may like to know how to activate your Victoria’s secret card to use for both online and in-store purchases. The following steps will guide you.

Steps to activate your Victoria Secret Cards

After you must have received your Victoria’s Secret Card, then you have to activate it by following the steps to make it usable for purchasing products. They include:

Step 1 Go to 

Step 2 Select “activation” on the page

Step 3 Check for “Victoria’s Secret” under activation and click

Step 4 Select “pub” 

Step 5 Find “activate” click on it will now direct you to the form at “Activate.XHTML”

Step 6 Complete the form by providing all the information requested. This information includes your credit card account number, expiration date, identification type, last four digits of your social security, and your Zip code or postal code. Then, you have to hit the “continue” button at the right bottom angle on your screen.

Step 7 After activation, you have to set up your account for your shopping, by adding the new card to your profile at Log in and update your profile.

Step 8 This is the final step. You have to update your new Victoria card number with your bank. This will enable you to use Victoria’s Secret Credit Card for payment of the products you are buying.

Other Stores that accept Victoria Secret Cards

Victoria’s Secret cards are also accepted by other retail stores aside from PINK. They include

  1. Victoria’s Secret Retail Stores: This business or retailer company are the one that issues Victoria’s Secret Credit Cards. In all their stores’ locations, you can use your Victoria’s Secret Card to purchase items. You can also use it to make an online payment, with their app or on their website.
  2. Bath and Body Works: This retailer company sells or deals on cosmetics such as body cream, lotion, soaps, among others. They allow Victoria’s Secret Card Holders to buy from their stores both online (website or app) and in-store purchases.

Products sold at PINK Retail Stores

At PINK stores they sell women’s products and their target is younger women between 13 years to 22 years old. Their products include lingerie and apparel lines. 

  • Bras: They have brasiers both padded, push-up, cute, and sexy bras in their stores.
  • Panties: They have quality pants in different colors and materials that will meet your needs.
  • Night wears: They have the latest designs of night wears such as trousers, gowns, and cover-all.
  • Apparel: Assorted designs are available at PINK stores.


Pink is one of the leading retail shops for young women in fashion. It is a division of Victoria’s Secret that deals mainly in Lingerie and apparel. They accept Victoria’s Secret Credit Cards as a payment option in their stores and online. To make the purchase of goods with your Victoria’s Secret Credit Card, you have to activate it and link it to your profile. You are also required to update your card number with your bank to allow you to make payments automatically during shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any bill attached to the Victoria Secret Credit card and how will I pay the bill?

Yes, there is a bill attached. If you are paying through the phone, it will cost you 9 dollars, and you have to contact the company on phone by dialing these numbers (800) 695-9478 or (800) 695-1788 from Monday to Saturday, 8:00 am to 9:00 pm EST. Also, you can make online payments by visiting their website.

  • How can one apply for Victoria’s Secret Credit Card?

To apply for Victoria’s Secret Credit Card, visit Victoria’s Secret website at and fill out the card application form, even at Victoria’s Secret or PINK stores. Then, you will be directed to the Comenity bank that issues the card.

Can You Use Victoria’s Secret Cards At PINK?

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