Does Walmart sell Victoria’s Secret gift cards?

Walmart is known for having all sorts of items at low prices.  You can find everything from luxury branded items to basic essentials, all under one roof. If you are looking for Victoria’s Secret gift card to gift someone, and are wondering if they have those at Walmart, then you can find out more below.

walmart sell victoria's secret

Does Walmart have Victoria’s Secret gift cards for selling?

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 As of 2022, Walmart does not sell Victoria’s Secret gift cards in-store or online. However, the customers can opt for a second option, which is, to buy Visa or Walmart gift cards and then use those to buy Victoria’s Secret products available at Walmart. 

You can look into other stores such as Best Buy or Kroger if you want to purchase gift cards. Or, if you want to buy any other gift card from Walmart, then there are many to choose from. Read on to discover other gift card options from Walmart.

Other gift cards at Walmart

Even though there are no Victoria’s Secret gift cards available at Walmart, this does not mean that you have no choice but to head to other stores. There are other options present at Walmart that you can check out:

  • Sephora

Walmart sells Sephora gift cards which are a great option if you are looking to coddle someone and make them feel special. They are available in the range of $25-$50 and can be spent in PINK and Victoria’s Secret stores or online.

You can load your gift card by visiting the Walmart store or by going online.

  • H&M

Walmart also sells H&M gift cards online and in-stores. 

  • Forever 21 

Forever 21 gift cards are also available at Walmart starting from $25.

  • Walmart 

You can also try gifting your loved ones a Walmart gift card of your choice to let them buy whichever item they desire ranging from underwear to fragrances and bikinis. 

From where can I buy Victoria’s Secret gift card?

Your best bet to buy Victoria’s Secret gift cards is from Victoria’s Secret and PINK stores or online. Besides this, you can also order Victoria’s Secret gift cards from Amazon. Other than this, You can also acquire Victoria’s Secret digital gift cards online at Kroger and Best Buy. 

Victoria’s Secret gift card policy

You can use your Victoria’s Secret gift card to buy any of your items of choice from their stores or online, except for additional gift cards. They store gift cards from $10 to $500 and can be in the form of plastic, online, or e-gift.

Other than this, Victoria’s Secret cards also do not have any expiry date so you are free to use them as per your liking.

Gift cards cannot be returned for a refund unless required by law. However, Victoria’s Secret’s current policy entails that you can get your cash back if the amount on your card is less than $10.

How can you check the remaining balance on your Victoria’s Secret gift card?

There are several methods that you can employ to check the balance of your gift card.  You can do this by:

  • checking the website
  • through phone
  • in-person
  • through online chat

Checking the website

You can visit the official website of Victoria’s Secret to check your balance. For this, you need to head over to their gift cards page and enter your card number and PIN. After this, you need to click on check balance to find your remaining amount.

Through phone

You can find out the remaining amount by dialing online customer care at 1-800-411-5116. You will need to keep your gift card in hand as the agent will need the information to verify it.


You can ask for assistance in finding your gift card balance from any of the store assistants at Victoria’s Secret outlets.

Through online chat

You can contact a customer service agent through an online chat and then inquire about your balance. You can do this by opening the Customer Care page. Then, you need to click on the ‘chat now’ option. After this, click on ‘start chatting’. Then, you need to wait for an agent to join the chat. After that, you can go ahead and ask them about your remaining gift card balance and provide them with the relevant details. 


All in all, Walmart does not sell Victoria’s Secret gift cards. Walmart’s focus is mainly marketing its own brand of underwear, accessories, and clothing because of which it does not sell gift cards of Victoria’s Secret and other brands of similar nature, as it does not want customers to shift to other brands other than Walmart’s. 

However, there are gift cards of other brands available at Walmart if you are interested in buying those. If you are looking to buy Victoria’s Secret gift cards, then their stores or buying online is the best way to go

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I use my Victoria’s Secret gift card?

A Victoria’s Secret gift card can be used at all Victoria’s Secret stores and online as well, within the country. 

  1. Do Walmart gift cards expire?

Walmart gift cards never lose value.

  1. Do Victoria’s Secret gift cards expire?

Victoria’s Secret gift cards never expire.

Does Walmart sell Victoria’s Secret gift cards?

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