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If you intend to send a letter or package whether, for domestic or international purposes, you will need a stamp. A stamp is a proof that a postage fee has been paid, either fully or partly, on the letter or package being sent. Without a stamp, such a package is considered “postage unpaid”, and is usually returned to the sender. Now the question is does Kroger sell stamps? For convenient purchase of stamps, leading retail stores like Kroger have partnered up with the United States Postal Service (USPS) and now sell stamps. No more need for the long drive to the post office.

Does Kroger Sell Stamps?

Postage stamps like the USA forever stamp can be gotten from most Kroger stores. But bear in mind, that Kroger stores do not sell single stamps. Rather, stamps are sold in booklets. Before visiting a Kroger store for stamps, it is best to call ahead as not all Kroger stores have stamps. 

Buying Postage Stamps from Kroger

Kroger is one of the leading retail stores in the US, and like many of its counterparts, it has partnered up with the USPS in stocking up on stamps for convenience and easy purchase by customers in need of stamps. Popularly known as a one-stop shopping center, with over 2800 outlets in 35 states in the US, there is a high probability that you can easily locate a Kroger store nearby. And with most Kroger stores stocking on stamps, stamps purchase becomes easy.

 It is important to note that unlike the wide range of options typically available when shopping for other products sold in Kroger stores, the only type of stamps sold in most Kroger retail stores are USA Forever stamps. These are non-denominational stamps that rise in value whenever the price of stamps increases. They are valid for posting first-class letters, regardless of when the stamps were purchased or the existing first-class postal rate at the time of postage.

However, there are select Kroger stores that sell other types of stamps. So you want to call the store ahead and inquire as to the availability of the stamp of choice before visiting the store. Most Kroger stores do not display stamps on the shelves. So while visiting the store for stamps, you will need to inquire from the customer care or check out station to get the stamps.

Price of stamps at Kroger

One of the many advantages of shopping for stamps at Kroger is the pricing. Stamps at Kroger are sold at the same rate they are sold at the post office. However, Kroger stores do not sell individual stamps but sell books of stamps; they sell stamps in batches of 20. Buying stamps in booklets earns you some discount and helps save a few bucks as opposed to buying single stamps.

Advantages of buying stamps from Kroger

There are many benefits of buying stamps from Kroger:

  • Operating hours. Unlike most post offices, Kroger stores are usually opened till late in the evening, or even 24/7, making it easy to purchase stamps at any time of the day.
  • Opening days. Kroger stores typically open every day of the week, including Sundays. This means you can buy your needed stamps even on weekends.
  • Pricing. Stamps can be purchased from Kroger at the same rate they are sold in licensed post offices.
  • Weighing machine. Unlike most stores, Kroger has a weighing machine with which you can weigh your letters or parcel to know how many stamps you will need for it to be sent.  

Buying stamps from Kroger stores is no doubt convenient as well as effective. Since there is always the need to pay a visit to the supermarkets, there is the opportunity to grab the much-needed stamps while shopping.


With leading retail stores like Kroger stocking up on stamps and other mailing necessities, anyone can now easily drive to a nearby Kroger store whenever they need stamps or any other mailing items. Other than these, the store sells other products including foods, pieces of jewelry, beauty products, health products, etc. Thanks to their generous rewards program which loyal customers can benefit from, people who often shop at Kroger are liable to enjoy certain benefits and discounts on goods purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do all Kroger stores sell stamps?

While most Kroger stores sell postage stamps, not all do. It is usually best to call your nearby Kroger store ahead to inquire whether stamps are available before visiting.

  1. What type of stamp can be gotten at Kroger?

Despite being a licensed distributor of USPS stamps, the type of stamps usually available at most Kroger stores are the USA Forever stamps.

  1. Can stamp be purchased from Kroger’s online stores?

Currently, you cannot get stamps from Kroger’s online store. You would have to visit a Kroger store nearby to buy some stamps.

Does Kroger Sell Stamps? -Know More

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