Subway Refund Policy- How Long Do Refunds Take?

Subway Refund Policy

Subway aims to provide good, quality, and safe food and they aim to do this consistently. As a fast-food franchise, it is their hope you come back for more. For that to happen, they aim to deliver quality every time. However, there is always going to be a time when there are complications with the food. In which case, you might be asking whether it is possible to have a return policy for food. Let’s know about Subway Refund Policy.

Subway does have a return policy. Generally speaking, if a customer feels unsatisfied with what they got, they might be able to exchange the food for something else, or get their money back. Subway’s refund policy differs slightly depending on your location. Just keep in mind if you do eat it, then there is no way you are getting your money back.

What Does Subway Offer Refund For?

You can get refunds for food. If you find the quality of what you ordered unsatisfactory, you can return for a refund. Take note, that most of the time Subway prefers offering exchanges rather than refunds, so they are always going to offer something else in exchange for any prepared meals. 

Refunds are a last resort. If you do not want anything in exchange, then they give coupons and gift cards. Both come in the same value as what you ordered. If you still do not want either, then you will get a refund, depending on the method of payment you used. 

How Long Do Refunds Take?

Cash refunds at Subway are immediate. If you decide to use a card, then getting your money back is going to take on average 3-5 business days.

How Effective is the Refund Policy?

For starters, the Subway refund policy is not official. Meaning it is not a standard policy Subways uses in all its restaurants, which is why they differ slightly. So, it is up to the franchise to decide what to do when someone decides they want a refund. They decide the rules on exchanges, returns, and refunds. They all do have some rules that all Subway restaurants follow.

They also decide when you would be able to get a refund and under what circumstances. The reasons for a customer wanting a refund are not always applicable. Additionally, customers need to order above a certain value to be eligible for a refund and that too is up to the franchise to decide. 

For example, some Subway restaurants remake a sandwich if there are any accidents as long as it has not been eaten yet. It is not a rule, it is more of a courtesy.

Are Refunds Possible for Food That is Already Eaten?

Most Subway restaurants do not allow refunds for food that has already been eaten. That is because it is common practice for customers to eat food and demand refunds, to get out of paying for meals. Provided you have a legitimate reason for wanting the refund or a legitimate concern with the food, you just need to let the staff know. 

If you happen to take a bite or a little bit of what you ordered and feel something is off, you are more likely to get a refund. Them you just need to explain your problem and show some of the partially eaten food. 

Can Refunds Come in Through Delivery Apps?

Order refunds through delivery apps are not possible. The delivery app takes over the ordering process, so the franchise itself cannot offer a refund, but you can cancel the order. There is a brief period once you place, where it is possible to cancel, but that needs to be before the order is accepted.

The delivery service sometimes gives refunds, but only partially. It applies in the case of late deliveries and missing items in your order.

Does the Subway App Offer Refunds?

Yes, it does. The Subway app allows refunds in the form of credit or the method of payment used. However, they only provide refunds as required by law. Cash refunds are not applicable. Unsatisfied customers need to contact the restaurant they ordered from to issue a complaint.

You can also get refunds for transaction errors. However, it is important to note, if you are having an issue with a restaurant, it can only be resolved by contacting that specific restaurant. Customer care can always provide the necessary contact information. Similarly, the app only helps solve issues online such as with your account, credits, or payments. 


Subway does not have an official policy on refunds for all its restaurants. However, they give gift cards, coupons, and refunds depending on what the franchise decides if you are not pleased with what you ordered. If you want to learn more about Subway, you can always access its official website online.

Subway Refund Policy- How Long Do Refunds Take?

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