Kansas City Steaks Company – read to know


Kansas City Steaks Company is a meat supply of the United States. The company was founded in the year 1932. In the initial stages, the company was first started as a poultry and dairy business. It is one of the oldest meat processing units in the United States as well as Canada. Moreover, this is one of the most trusted brands.

Kansas City Steaks Company

The parent company of Kansas City Steaks Company is National Beef Packing Co. LLC. It was in 2013 when the company was owned by the National Beef Packing corporation. 

The company is in the Kansas City of Kansas. The company manufactures and sells a wide range of frozen food items. This meat is originally supplied by the National Beef Packing Corporation. These food items include poultry, seafood, premium beef, and other meat and food products. At present, the headquarters of the company is in Kansas City, United States. The company also offers services like online order and purchase, home delivery facilities and many more.

Parent Company of Kansas City Steaks company

The Kansas City Steaks Company is currently owned by the National Beef Packing Corporation. The headquarters of the parent company is in Missouri, Kansas City, United States. This firm was founded in the year 1992. Although it collaborated with Kansas City steaks company in 2013 to act as its meat supplier. The company produces processed meat for the customers. The company provides its services to the customers and processes meat according to their needs and requirements. The company focus includes wet blue leather, consumer-ready beef, box beef, portion control beef and many other types. Moreover, it is a publicly-traded company and has many international stock retailers and customers. It is the most trusted meat and beef supplier all over the world.

Reviews of the Kansas City Steaks company

The company is known to sell the best quality meat. It is well-processed and bacterial free. The animals from which the meat is extracted are also tamed in special conditions. They do not suffer from any kind of communicable or non-communicable disease that can be transmitted to humans or other animals in the shelter. It is ranked number seven out of eleven Best Mail Order Steaks in 2022. The company uses a minimal amount of chemicals to keep the meat fresh for a long time. It helps to maintain the level of natural minerals and proteins present in the food items. The company do not add any additional nutrients or chemical-based proteins to increase its sales or revenue.

Services provided by the Company

•FREE SHIPPING– The company offer free shipping facilities in the localities. All the places that are fifteen kilometers or less in distance from the retail stores of the company get the benefit of free shipping with in forty-five minutes of ordering their meat.

•HOME DELIVERY– All the retail stores offers home delivery facilities in the distant area of fifty kilometers. The customers can order the food items using the website of the company. The customers also get benefits in the modes of payment like cash on delivery or by using online money transactions methods

.•DELIVERY PARTNER OF ONLINE FOOD SHOPPING PLATFORMS– There are many only grocery and food shopping platforms that purchase meat and beef from Kansas City Steaks Company. The customers are also free to choose the company from which they want to purchase beef while shopping online.

•TWENTY FOUR HOUR SERVICES- All the retail stores of the Company are open for all the people. The service providers work in many shifts to provide twenty-four-hour continued services to the customers.

• SANITIZED PACKAGING- The cleaning and sanitization of the meat are done by the experts. All the packages are sanitized under UV rays before giving it to the customers. The frozen meat sold by the company also contains minimized chemical solutions and null artificial colors or proteins. Moreover, it also sells a large amount of meat and beef to companies that manufacture packaged food items.


The Kansas City Steaks Company is a meat and beef supplier and the largest meat retail store in the United States. The company was started as a poultry farm and egg supplier in 1932. At first, the company also gain fame as the best dairy products supplier in the United States. Moreover, high-quality beef and meat, naturally nutritious beef, are sold by the company in most parts of the world. The frozen meat sold by the company contains minimal chemical and artificial coloring. It also lasts for more than five months. The company also offers a wide range of services Ike free shipping, 24×7 meat supply facilities, free shipping in localities under 15 KM of distance, home delivery and many more. Moreover, the meat or beef is sanitized and cleaned many times before making it available for sale. It is one of the most trusted non-veg food suppliers.

Kansas City Steaks Company – read to know

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