Who has Better Meat Sam’s Club or Costco?

Cooking healthy meat is very important to health; this is why it is important to consider the quality of meat when shopping for it. The grocery store also has to provide shoppers with affordable and fresh meats. Oftentimes, shoppers have been confused as to which grocery store offers the best meat; some go for Sam’s while others consider Costco. Well, if you are still confused about this, keep reading. You will get to know Who has Better Meat Sam’s Club or Costco?

Who has Better Meat Sam’s Club or Costco?

Costco and Sam’s are two grocery stores that sell good meat. Due to Sam’s Club’s affiliation with Walmart, the store is more concerned with selling at a lower price while Costco goes for quality. So it can be stated that Costco has better meat when it comes to quality. 

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What Makes Costco Meat Better?

Freshness and Quality

Getting fresh meat to your customers means you have to get as close as possible to the source and ensure your supplies are brought in on time to meet up the demands of customers. That is one sacrifice Costco has been able to make for their shoppers. When it comes to rating which store has the best meats in freshness, tenderness, texture, flavor, and juiciness of the meat, Costco offers the best. 

Apart from the ratings by shoppers and meat enthusiasts, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) also ascertains that Costco offers high-grade meat. Costco is rated among the suppliers of quality meat in the state.

Grade quality

In terms of grade quality, Costco offers meat of high quality. The prime and choice grade meat can be found in the Costco store. Costco has the best brisket, beef roasts, pork belly, and ribs. So if you are looking for the best place to get this type of meat, you have your answer.  


Costco sources its meat from the US, Southeast Asia, Canada, and Australia. Below is a list of different meat sold at Costco and their various suppliers;

  • Beef – Supply is gotten from the California farmers in the San Joaquin Valley.  
  • Organic beef – majorly gotten from California, Australia, and Canada. Not to worry, Costco does not buy organic beef that contains antibiotics.
  • Veal – veal is sourced from beef farmers in the US. 
  • Chicken – Chicken sold at Costco is supplied to Costco from the store’s poultry farm in Nebraska. 
  • Pork – pork is supplied to the store from pig farms in the US, including the largest pig farm in the States, JBS Swift in Indiana. 
  • Lamb – this meat is gotten from one of the best producers of tender and quality lamb, Australia. 
  • Fish – fish is majorly sourced from different international producers of quality fish such as Costa Rica, South America, Norway, and Southeast Asia. The store does not have a single supplier of fish due to the high rate of diversity in fish production. 
  • Seafood – this is sourced from Canada.


Although Costco’s price when compared with Sam’s is a bit higher, it is still affordable to a large number of shoppers. Buying a lump of good meat at a little high price won’t matter when all you care about is eating healthy. So it can still be explained that the affordability of Costco prices is another factor that makes shoppers attracted to their stores. Apart from the general affordability of the meat, there is a way to get Costco meat at cheap rates. Through being a member of the store. One of the benefits of becoming a Costco member (the Gold Star or Business Membership) is getting extra discounts when buying goods from the store.  

Reasons Sam’s is a Good Place to get Meat

In terms of quality, Costco offers better meat than Sam’s but this does not mean that Sam’s sells awful meat, Sam is also a popular retailer of good meat and extremely affordable meat. When considering planning a party or any big event that requires people to cut costs, many often get meat from Sam’s rather than Costco. Here are some reasons people feel that Sam’s is also a good place to buy meat;


Over time, a lot of people have developed the misconception that Sam’s get their meat from China and this is the reason the store can sell meat at cheap prices, however, this is not true. Sam’s just like Costco get their supplies from US-based meat farmers. Sam’s is owned by Walmart, which shows how strict their policy on getting supplies from American-based producers is. The major suppliers of Sam’s meat are JBS Swift, Excel, John Morrell, Nebraska, and National Beef. 


Compared to Costco, Sam’s offers way cheaper prices for meat. Little wonder they are quite popular for their cheap meat prices. This might be because the majority of their meat is gotten from the United States so export costs are removed which makes it easier to sell at cheaper rates to shoppers. 


Costco and Sam’s have meat that is both good for consumption but when it comes to having fresh meat, Costco has better meat. If you are looking at getting a good meal at a budget-friendly price, then you can go for Sam’s but if you need to get fresh meat without minding the difference in cost, you should go for Costco. 

Frequently Ask Questions 

  1. How do I get a membership at Costco?

You can walk into any Costco warehouse to join physically or register online via the Costco website.

  1. Which store has a higher price for general items, Costco or Sam’s?

The price for general products is higher at Sam’s. Costco is known for selling at cheaper rates compared to its competitors. 

Who has Better Meat Sam’s Club or Costco?

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