Does McDonald’s take Apple Pay?- A Digital Way

Does McDonalds take Apple Pay?

McDonald, an American-based fast-food company, is one of the most loved fast-food companies globally. In June 2018, the company moved its headquarters to Chicago. As per the report in 2019, the total number of locations across the globe is 38,695. It produces many fast food products such as hamburgers, wraps, chicken foods, french fries, milkshakes, salads, desserts, soft drinks, hotcakes, coffee, and breakfasts. Today, McDonald’s has grown significantly in these years from producing various food items to expanding its franchise across borders. Let’s know ‘Does McDonald’s take Apple Pay?’

The company may be iconic, but there may be some questions in your mind, like does McDonald’s accept Apple Pay? Is Apple Pay accepted at any McDonald’s location? Yes, Apple pay gets accepted at Mcdonald’s. Customers can pay with this payment method at any Mcdonald’s location. Apply Pay is accepted in-store, on McDonald’s app, and in the drive-through. McDonald’s has not only started taking digital payment due to this ongoing pandemic, but they have been taking digital payment since 2014. McDonald’s allows all its locations to take Apple Pay by bringing digital payment methods into the mainstream.   

A digital way to pay-Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a digital wallet that stores your card information and helps you in payment hustle-free. Apple Pay works with the help of NFC technology. NFC technology helps the digital wallet and credit card terminal to work compatibly. You can use Apple Pay on Apple watch, Ipad, Mac, Android, and ios phones use the Apple Pay app on their phone. You need to add your card details such as card number, bank name, security number, and others to the Apple Pay wallet app.  

While paying with Apple Pay

Once all the security information gets updated on the wallet app, the phone transfers those to the credit card terminal. These terminals then communicate with the customer’s financial institution and verify the availability of the fund in their account. Once the account gets verified, the financial institution transfers the money from the customer’s account to a merchant’s bank account. 

Acceptance of Apple Pay in McDonald in 2021

As you know, in 2021, during the COVID 19 pandemic, digital payment methods took the hype. Mcdonald’s has been accepting Apple Pay since 2014 in the United States. But it was only accepting Apple Pay which is attached to Visa debit or Visa credit cards. 

Method to use Apple Pay at McDonald (Step-By-Step) 

1: Ensure to install Apple Pay digital wallet (app) on your device

2: Set up all the required information correctly in the app. (Add your debit or credit card information) 

To add a debit or credit card to the Wallet app, first, you need to open your digital payment wallet app and click on the ‘+’ sign. You will get the symbol on the top right side. Then manually enter all the asked details. 

Once your card gets connected to your digital wallet, you need to follow this steps:-

Step1: Double-tap on the button that lies on the right outside the edge of your iPhone. (button used for turning on and off the screen of your phone) Once done correctly, the Apple Pay app will automatically open on your screen with your card details. 

Step2: Now, You can ask your card terminal to finish the payment. For this, you need to open the scanner and hold your phone over the payment terminal (scanning machine). If scanned correctly, the payment will get processed automatically. 

Does McDonald charge a fee for using Apple Pay?

If you are using Apple Pay for your payment, you won’t get charged an extra fee for using Mcdonald’s. As a general rule of thumb, there are no fees charged when you pay with Apple Pay or any other digital wallet at Mcdonald’s. You will only get charged from your financial institution if you overdraw from it. 


Apple Pay has been used in Mcdonald’s for a long time. You can use this digital wallet at every location of McDonald’s either, in-store, online order, or Drive-Thru. Apple Pay does not even charge for paying at McDonald’s, and it is also simple to set up and use. There is no limitation to using it. You just need to get your digital wallet attached to your financial institution, and there should be the availability of money. Yes, here you go! You can use the Apple Pay wallet app on your phone or another device safely at Mcdonald’s. 

Frequently asked questions

Q- For using Apple Pay at McDonald’s, is there any limitation? 

A- No, there is no such limitation. 

Q- Does McDoland take Apple Pay in their Drive-Thru?

A- Yes, you can use Apple Pay at McDonald’s Drive-Thru. 

Q- Can you connect the McDonald’s gift card with the Apple Pay wallet?

A- No, you cannot add gift cards to your Apple Pay wallet. You can only use Mcdonald’s gift cards inside the store or in Drive-Thru. 

Does McDonald’s take Apple Pay?- A Digital Way

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