Does Sams club allow dogs pet policy explained?

One of the problems pet-owners face is the fact that they have to thoroughly check a store’s pet policy. While most stores don’t mind your dog tagging along with you, some stores, unfortunately, do not allow this. Let’s know Does Sams club allow dogs pet policy explained?

Does Sams club allow dogs pet policy explained?

Now, before diving straight into your query, let us gather some information regarding Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club is usually referred to as a ‘big-box’ retailer, its parent company being Walmart, and its ardent competitor, Costco. At Sam’s Club, you can go grocery shopping, grab some electronics or home furniture, and even look for jewelry, toys, and sporting goods! Does Sams club allow dogs pet policy explained? – let’s know.

Sam’s Club: Pet Policy

When it comes to allowing pets, since Sam’s Club depends on all memberships, they, unfortunately, do not allow you to let your dog tag along with you. It is to ensure the safety of all members and the staff. Nevertheless, they do allow service dogs to be there since they are not regarded as pets. Service dogs, asserts Sam’s Club, are quite necessary to help people with any kind of disability. 

Let us look at what Sam’s Club’s official pet policy states:

  1. Service animals are allowed inside the store. Such animals are individually trained to help and assist people.
  1. These animals come in all sizes and breeds, and need not be licensed; they may not even need a harness.
  1. Service animals might help in assisting the visually impaired- to retrieve dropped objects for them or simply guiding them.
  1. Service animals help people who are hard of hearing. They make them aware of the presence of others or some sounds.
  1. Service animals are quite helpful in assisting people with limited use of hands. They are of great help to people who have a problem with bending or stooping.
  1. In addition, such animals also assist people in wheelchairs and help individuals with severe anxiety and panic attacks.

Similar Stores that Allow Pets

The fact that such stores keep food products in handy is enough for them to restrict the entry of pets. It is quite justified since the permission of pets is bound to enhance the existence of allergens and germs. In addition, similar stores to Sam’s Club, such as Costco, Aldi, dealer Joe’s, Walmart, and Complete Meals Market, also do not allow pets to enter the store. Now, although Sam’s Club and some others have a strict policy when it comes to allowing pets in the store, 

however, there are some others where you can easily take your pets along with you. Such stores are:

  1. Home Depot: Although not a grocery store, this hardware store is not reluctant to allow pets in their stores. However, the only thing to keep in mind is to keep your pets on leash; the store does not allow un-leashed pets.
  1. Macy’s: Macy’s allows shoppers to have their pets along with them. However, not all branches might allow it. To make sure, you can first call the branch, that you wish to shop at, to confirm. Nevertheless, if your pet does not get along with strangers, it is best to leave them at home since you are bound to encounter a crowd at Macy’s.
  1. Barnes and Nobles: Although Barnes and Nobles allow pets in their store, they have a strict policy to restrict them from going in the store’s coffee shop.
  1. Bloomingdale’s: Bloomingdale’s has a pet-friendly policy. However, the department only allows well-mannered and well-behaved pets. In addition, you cannot take your pets along with you in the store’s restaurant.
  1. Lowe’s: Although certain stores are eager to allow pets at the expense of the manager, most of them allow only service dogs. They assert that service dogs are to be seen wearing a vest, leash, and a collar.

Tips to Keep in mind while shopping with your Pet

Now that it is quite clear that most, or rather all, grocery stores are fairly hesitant in allowing pets in their stores, it is utterly

justified as well, since the food products need to be far from germs that canines carry. 

Nevertheless, if you intend to take your pet along with you while going for shopping, there are a few things that you need to bear in mind, so that others and even your pet can have a comfortable experience:

Although most owners use a leash, it is more advisable to use a backpack since it offers more support.Make sure that you have trained your dog to behave well among strangers. Keep your pet close to you and keep an eye on them at all times. If they are stressed while being in a crowded space, take them outside immediately.


Now that you know that most grocery stores do not have a pet-friendly policy and that it is only for their and the customer’s good, it is best to leave your pets at home while going grocery shopping. Besides this, you can easily take your dogs with you while shopping at Home Depot, Lowe’s or Macy’s, etc. but keep in mind that even there you will not be allowed to take your pet in the store’s restaurant!

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Do I have to get a Sam’s Club’s membership to shop there?

Not necessarily. There are a few, if not all, items that the store offers to non-members. Although it is beneficial since you can have more access with a membership.

  1. Does a service dog need a certificate at Sam’s Club?

No, they do not ask you to produce any certificate.

  1. Does Costco allow pets?

No, you cannot take your pet inside.

Does Sams club allow dogs pet policy explained?

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