Home depot flooring installation-know more

We have flooring installation to thank for the beautifully designed floors we have come to enjoy in our homes, offices, business places, and hotels. Flooring installations help people, both rich and poor, to enjoy the benefit of covering their floors with beautiful and durable materials. Home Depot is a leading provider of home improvement products and services in the United States, but do they offer floor installation as part of their services?

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Home depot flooring installation

The Home Depot provides flooring products and flooring installation services for its customers. Their flooring installation services include carpet installation, hardwood flooring installation, Vinyl Plank Installation, Tile installation, and Laminate Flooring Installation. Contact Home Depot on 1-800-466-3337 to buy their service. They usually would deliver the flooring materials before the installation date.


Home Depot delivers its flooring installation through local service providers that they have screened and licensed to provide the designated services on behalf of Home Depot. These servicemen are background-checked and licensed to represent the Home Depot brand in that capacity.

Home Depot’s Flooring Installation Services Are:

  1. Carpet Installation

What is the Cost of Installing Carpet Floor?

To determine the cost of installing carpet floor in your home, Home Depot considers three factors: 

  • The type of Carpet.

Carpet differ in pattern, style, and texture. The location you want to install the flooring will determine the type of carpet you need to use, for example, the Berber or loop carpet is commonly used in an official environment. It hides dirt easily, lasts long, and is more expensive than many other types. The other types of carpet are pattern and texture or twist. 

  • The Padding.

Padding is the foundation on which carpets are installed. It gives your carpet strength against foot and furniture traffic. The thickness of the padding affects the cost of your carpet installation. On average, Home Depot padding costs 0.61 per square foot.

  • Installation fee. Currently, Home Depot offers its carpet installation service for free.
  1. Vinyl Plank Installation

Vinyl planks installation allows you to cover your floor with thick, long planks that are connected with the click-lock system.

Home Depot Vinyl Plank Installation Procedure

Home Depot installs Vinyl plants in the following steps:

  • Select you’re your preferred vinyl floor type from the options available at Home Depot.
  • The Home Depot will send a professional to inspect your floor to determine the size and any unique feature to be a factor in the flooring process.
  • Home Depot will calculate your project and give you the cost of both the material and fees to execute it. Here, you can review and see whether you have the means to proceed with the flooring.
  • Installation of your floors. Usually, Home Depot’s installation comes within 48 hours of your payment.
  1. Laminate Flooring Installation

Laminate flooring lets you enjoy the benefits of stone or hardwood flooring without the rigor and cost associated with hardwood flooring.

Cost of Laminate Flooring

The cost of laminate flooring ultimately depends on two factors: the price of materials and the size of your floor space. That being said, the average total cost of Home Depot’s Laminate flooring installation will fall between $3,500 and $4,500.

  1. Hardwood Flooring Installation

Hardwood Flooring Installation allows you to cover your floor with beautifully looking planks milled from timber.

Cost of Home Depot’s Hardwood Flooring

A major factor that determines the cost of hardwood installation is the type of wood you choose for your floor. But your hardwood flooring installation should cost between $4 and $6 per square foot at Home Depot.

  1. Tile Flooring Installation

Cost of Home Depot’s Tile Floor Installation

The total cost of tile flooring at Home Depot depends on the type of tile you picked for your project and the size of your floor space. As of January 2022, Home Depot’s offer for its tile flooring installation is $5.50 per square foot including furniture moving, carpet removal and haul away, and a subfloor preparation of up to ¼ of your entire floor.

Home Depot Flooring Installation Procedure

Whether you want to install laminate flooring, carpet, or hardwood flooring, Home Depot’s floor installation will take the following procedure:

  • Select your desired carpet

Home Depot offers customers the chance to check through their collection of carpets online to help them make a great choice. If that’s not enough, you can place an order for samples of carpet or simply dash to your local Home Depot store to see the samples for yourself and get more information from Home Depot’s carpet experts.

  • Request a measurement of the space

After selecting your carpet type and getting your concerns clarified, if you are good to go, Home Depot professional will come to measure your floor to see the unique needs of your floor space.

  • Costing

This is where Home Depot gives you’re the estimated quote for your project and see if you can proceed with it.

  • Installation

If the quote suits your budget, Home Depot professionals will come to your home to do your installation.


Home Depot, America’s leading home improvement company offers all types of flooring installation, including Laminate Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, and Tile Flooring installations. Home Depot also offers different payment plans for its customers, so check out their website to see which one you can enjoy today.

Home depot flooring installation-know more

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