Apple Pay at Publix- How to Use it?

Apple Pay at Publix

With cashless payments surfacing and being at the forefront nowadays, almost all stores inevitably accept this. The major reason for this transition has been the pandemic, due to which many countries swiftly shifted from cash payments to online transactions. The topic is Apple Pay at Publix. When it comes to Publix, you might be wondering whether this essential grocery store accepts Google Pay or Apple Pay and the like. 

Apple Pay at Publix and How to Set Up Your Account?

You may be ecstatic to know that Publix does accept Apple Pay. When it comes to Apple Pay, it provides a much more convenient and faster way to make your transactions. If you are new to this, let us move ahead and get to know how to use it. 

First, you should know how to set up your account:

  1. To use Apple Pay, you need to make sure that you either possess iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and it must be upgraded to iOS 8.1.
  1. On your device, open Settings, and select Passbook and Apple Pay. If your phone has iOS 9 or above, you can find the option of Wallet and Apple Pay.
  1. In the Credit and Debit Cards option, click Set Up Apple Pay.
  1. Now, click Add a New Debit or Credit Card. You can either put the information manually or take a picture of the card.
  1. After this, you will be presented with the terms and conditions. You must read them thoroughly and then click Agree.
  1. Now, you will be required to complete verification of your credit or debit card.
  1. Once your verification is complete, you can activate your card and will receive a confirmation e-mail or message.

How to Use Apple Pay at Publix?

Now that you know how to set up your Apple Pay account, read further to find out how to use Apple Pay at Publix the next time you go shopping there!

  1. While in the checkout lane, you can inform the cashier that you will be completing your transaction via Apple Pay. 
  1. Now, you can place your iPhone next to the NFC card reader. It may take a few seconds for the payment to be made.
  1. Once your transaction is finished, a confirmation message will appear on your screen.
  1. When you receive your receipt, the four digits mentioned there will not match your card number since Apple Pay aims to make transactions safe and secure.

Different Ways of Using Apple Pay

As regards using Apple Pay, you can use it in three different ways. These are by using your iPhone Face ID, your Touch ID, and your Apple Watch. Let us look at the ways through which you can use each one of these:

  1. iPhone Face ID: To use Apple Pay via your Face ID at Publix, you should first double-click the side button of your iPhone to pay for your purchases. Now, you will have to confirm your ID and you can do so by either using your Face ID or your passcode. Now, bring your device near the NFC card reader and proceed with your payment.
  1. iPhone Touch ID: If your iPhone has a Touch ID and you have activated it, then, before taking your device near the NFC card reader and making the payment, all you have to do is place the finger, whose prints you had initially given, on the iPhone Touch ID pad.
  1. Apple Watch: If you wish to use Apple Pay with your Apple Watch while making payments at Publix, then the first thing to do is double-click the side button of your Apple Watch. Now, place your watch, face down, near the NFC card reader, and wait for a few seconds. The payment will be made with the default card that you had selected in your Apple Wallet. Once the payment is successful, there will be a buzz emanating from your Apple Watch.

Cash Back with Apple Pay

If you have linked your Apple Wallet with your debit card, then there is another good news for you! Since Publix usually gives cash back on debit card payments, you will be liable to get a cashback when you make a payment via Apple Pay if your Apple Wallet is linked to your debit card. The cashback amount, however, varies from one store to another; while at one store you can receive $50, another might offer $100. Another benefit is that they require no fee from you to give you a cashback and neither do they ask for a minimum payment!


Publix tends to accept payment through other options such as Apple Pay. Not only this, at Publix, you can also make use of Samsung Pay or Google Pay as well. Making your payments via Apple Pay requires no hassle and it is also considered a safe option since Apple Pay does not reveal your card number to anyone. In addition, you can easily make use of Apple Pay even if you have a Touch ID or Face ID, or even if you use Apple Watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use Apple Pay while shopping online at Publix?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay through Instacart.

  1. What other payment methods does Publix accept?

Publix accepts personal checks, cash, Google Pay, Visa, MasterCard, gift cards, etc.

  1. What is Publix Mobile Pay?

It is Publix’s mobile wallet.

Apple Pay at Publix- How to Use it?

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