“O2 student discount!”-Know more

O2 is one of the most well-known telecommunication brands that have existed in the UK market for about 19 years now. As a student, if you are thinking of getting a new gadget for your studies or any other purpose, checking out O2 might seem like a great choice!. This article is about O2 student discount!

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Why so? Because you can get some amazing offers and discounts here! How to get your hands on these discounts? Let’s find out!

Do we get a student discount at O2?

O2 has existed in the telecommunication market for more than a decade. Hence, like every other brand out there, even this brand has some offers and sales up its sleeves. But does it give out any student discount in particular? 

Fortunately, the answer to this is a big yes! They have some great deals and offers for students! Wanna know more! Then let’s see further!! 

What are the benefits of getting a student discount? 

Fortunately, for students, O2 does have a student discount! When we talk about what benefits you can get from this discount then well, there are plenty! 

First, under this discount, whenever you buy a phone, tablet, or mobile broadband device on O2 refresh, you will get a discount of 20% on your Airtime Plan. Airtime Plan basically covers your calls, texts, and data. 

Not just that, you can also get a 20% off on accessories. That does sound cool! Isn’t it! 

However, do remember that this discount is not a part of your monthly bill. But you can still reduce the cost of these bills to some extent by spreading your device’s cost up to 36 months by using their Custom Plans. 

How to get a student discount at O2?

Getting a student discount at O2 is possible but how do you get that? Well, the method of getting them may vary depending on whether you are getting the device from a store or online mode. 

While buying a gadget online or via phone, sign in to UNiDAYS or TOTUM and get your basket code. You can also get this code via the UNiDAYS GRADLiFE app. 

Once you get the code, buy the new device on O2 refresh and add the code on the promo code step! In case you forget to do so, you can sign in to UNiDAYS, get a store code and text it to 61202.

Alternatively, you can also buy a new device on O2 refresh. Once you do that, visit the O2 store and choose a brand new device and come back to this page within 28 days. Sign in to UNiDAYS and get a unique store code. 

Text this code to 61202 from any mobile and you are done!


For getting a student discount at O2, either UNiDAYS, TOTUM, or UNiDAYS GRADLiFE account is a must! In case, if you don’t have any of these, you might have to create an account before claiming the discount. 

In order to sign up for UNiDAYS, go to their page and click ‘Create account’.

To sign up for TOTUM, you can click on their site or cards.totum.com/join.

In contrast to UNiDAYS and TOTUM sign-ups, you cannot directly sign up for UNiDAYS GRADLiFE and create an account. In order to get a UNiDAYS GRADLiFE account, you must have a UNiDAYS account first. UNiDAYS will ultimately transfer you to UNiDAYS GRADLiFE after the end of your student term. 

How to get an accessory discount? 

In order to get or claim an accessory discount, you need to have an accessories voucher code. You can get this code at UNiDAYS, TOTUM, or UNiDAYS GRADLiFE easily. Once you get the code, buy yourself the new accessory of your choice and add the code at the basket step. 

Keep a note that if you are purchasing the accessory at their stores, you need to have your UNiDAYS or TOTUM Id to prove your status as a student. 

How long does a discount work? 

Your discount only works till your device plan is active. Once your device plan comes to an end, your discount will no longer be valid. 

However, if you upgrade and are still eligible for a discount, you might have to reapply for the discount. 

How to know if a discount is applied? 

Usually, the discounts are applied within three working days after you complete your redemption process. Hence, on your second bill, you will be notified about the discount. You can look for the bill at ‘My O2’ too!

Does student discount apply for all devices and accessories? 

Unfortunately, student discounts do not apply for all the devices and accessories. Some of the exclusions are-

  • Headsets of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 512 GB and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. 
  • Tablets of Apple iPad 9th generation, Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inch with 5G, and Apple iPad Pro 11 inch 2020
  • Accessories – AirPods 3rd Gen, Apple Watch (all ranges), Cases with MagSafe, etc. 


Fortunately, for students, O2 does provide a student discount. However, this discount is not available for all devices and accessories. 

Upon that, in order to claim a discount at O2, one must have a UNiDAYS or TOTUM account. So do create one if you desire to claim a discount at O2 gadgets! 

“O2 student discount!”-Know more

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