Is ModCloth Ethical?- Ratings and Criteria

Is ModCloth Ethical?

Everyone knows about the growing problem of Pollution and sustainability. As humans living on earth, one should always be responsible for our society and the environment from which one is getting the raw materials by not harming it and tailing it to Pollution and global warming. A sustainable company is a company that resides in the dynamic business through ways that are justified to society and the environment being good towards economic, environmental, and moral values. Let’s know ‘Is ModCloth Ethical?’

Modcloth has been rated very poor on Sustainable ratings. People using this company don’t know its headspace is non-sustainable but claims to be sustainable. Modcloth is not ethical to use.

What is the meaning of ethical?

The term ethical means justified and right actions that contain morals and care towards the society that one has been living in, in the case of ModCloth, it will be providing the material for customers looking for the essentials ethically. Sustainability is not just a word, but a way of living that would ensure the continuous growth of the environment in a good manner, stopping Pollution and other criteria that harm the earth, making the next generation live with resources left on earth, thus continuing life.

The life cycle has to be maintained regularly, keeping in mind that the things one is developing on the earth must be earth-friendly to continue living on the planet. Or it will soon become a barren land that will not have any resources for further generations to exist.

Modcloth is a clothing brand that is an e-Commerce website developed in 2002 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with founders Eric Koger and Susan Grey Koger. The headquarter of Modcloth clothing is located in Los Angeles, California, United States, and it produces the goods like clothing, accessories, and Decor. According to 2014, there was a revenue collection of dollar 150 million-plus with 350 + employees working in the chain.

Modcloth is the oldest brand in the e-commerce sector that is based in the USA. Modcloth doesn’t have a physical store, but it is connected to different retail clothing companies collaborating with them and providing them their clothes under specific commission and price tags. Walmart, Dollar Tree, and other companies are very well in collaboration with the company for its cheap clothing.

Ratings and criteria in which ModCloth failed on sustainability

Mod cloth has been rated very poor on the sustainability criteria by “whatsgoodeco” under the clothing brand section. The company never provides any kind of environmental or labor transparency, making it very questionable. 

Let’s look at the two criteria in detail.

  1. Planet rating

Planet rating stands for environmental ratings and looking out for companies using eco-friendly ways to improve sustainability, making the goods more adaptable to nature when buying. Organic and 100% eco-friendly product is the perfect scale rated up to number five. At the same time, packaging and shipment of products in an eco-friendly way is ranked number three. By using too much paper packaging and shipment, it can make the number go in lower aspects exploiting nature. The ModCloth for planet rating has been given one out of five, making it an extremely poor or not recommended company. Also, the company does not provide sufficient data on its website.

  1. People and consumer rating

Modcloth has an obligation to society by providing to it as it takes resources from it. They should always take care of their employees and the customers. The products are for its consumers so the company has to be extra cautious not to harm society for its gain.

Criteria fulfilled from employees aspect

Employees working in the internal business environment should be happy and satisfied with the work. The company should not provide any kind of pressure or negligence towards the employees. There should be no overwork or breaking of laws from the instance like child labor and animal testing. 

From the customer’s aspect

Customers should get a finished product that is biodegradable and eco-friendly, providing only the best options to them.

Customers should receive the quality of trust and loyalty from the companies the same as their loyalty, making the products thoughtful for customers without Harsh advertisements. Transparency and consumer forum for consumers to know about the product better should always be the primary aspect of a company providing essentials.

Animal ethics and moral

An ideal company will look after the environment as well as the animals as they are part of the environmental system by not getting selfish about it and being negligible enough to use them for their profit instead of using green alternatives. The cruelty-free company also comes under the company ethics as by not doing so, the moral is hampered.


Modcloth is a very trendy and branded store that people like to invest in, but it does have some ethical issues that people should be careful about. The environment and sustainability must come first on the list aiming for bigger goals rather than profit maximization.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Is Modcloth expensive?

No, It’s a mid-range clothing brand.

  1. Is Modcloth On amazon?

Yes, The brand is active on Amazon.

Is ModCloth Ethical?- Ratings and Criteria

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