Are Nordstrom Rack Perfumes Real?

Nordstrom Inc is the owner of Nordstrom rack. They also own the online store HauteLook. Nordstrom Inc. is a department store chain in the United States that started in 1901. It was created by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin. Funny story, it originated as a shoe store but soon evolved, or grew, into a department store that sells clothes, footwear, handbags, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, and fragrances. In some stores, they even have house furnishing and wedding stuff. And many of their locations have cafes, restaurants, and more. They have revenues of about 15 billion a year. They have 100 stores in 32 states and three Canadian provinces. In this article, let’s find out Nordstrom rack perfumes are real or not.

Are Nordstrom Rack Perfumes Real?

Nordstrom Rack is a department store chain that sells off prices merchandise. They offer to men, women, and kids about everything you can imagine, at huge discounts. They operate in 41 states in the United States and three Canadian provinces with 352 locations. They have revenues of about five billion a year.

Are Nordstrom Rack perfumes real?

 Yes, they are. They might be cheap, but they are more than real. They are originals, for sure. There is a catch, though. It might be, no, it is old merchandise. When a company has a lot of inventory and wants to get rid of it, they give it to places like Nordstrom Rack to sell quickly at still make some sort of profit. Nevertheless, you can save up to 70% off on your favorite brands. 

For example

Here are some excellent brands you can get, the price and how much you will save.

Pink Sugar 22.97 dollars from 65 dollars. You save 64%.

Jessica Simpson 24.97 dollars from 68 dollars. You save 63%.

Tommy Bahama 19.97 dollars from 98 dollars. You save 63%.

Burberry 29.97 dollars from 56 dollars. You save 46%.

Dolce and Gabbana 49.97 dollars from 82 dollars. You save 39%.

Escada 34.97 dollars from 64 dollars. You save 45%.

Calvin Klein 24.97 dollars from 42 dollars. You save 40%.

You get the idea. Like this, with many, many, many more brands. And, it is not just perfumes; they sell at huge discounts about all of their repertoire. 

Shipping and pickup 

You can buy on the web or their app (they have an app), and get it delivered right to your door. They also offer free shipping on orders over 89 dollars. This, however, applies only in the United States. 

Orders of under 89 dollars that are only of jewelry are at 5.95 dollars.

7.95 dollars is the standard cost of all other orders under 89 dollars. 

Do you want to ship in the next two business days? It is 15 dollars.

Right, the next day? It is 25 dollars.


HauteLook is an online store for members only. They offer limited events with discounts of 50% to 70%. 

Pros and cons

The pros are pretty simple. You get good stud for very little money. If you are the kind that is always looking for the more significant sale, the better discounts, or the lowest price, but that also likes quality stuff, Nordstrom Rack seems like the place for you. Everything is original; a lot of their products are American-made. Hence, if you also like helping the economy of the United States, this is another score for this department store. 

The cons are pretty straightforward too. If you like to spend money on having the last perfume, the ultimate line, the product that just came out, then, clearly, this is not the place for you. However, Nordstrom Inc. could be. They truly have it all when it comes to pleasing customers. 


Perfumes on Nordstrom Rack are real. They might be old, too, but real, original stuff. You can buy them, wear them, or not. It is up to you. Just like we showed you, you can save a lot of money in that store. If you are not looking to save any money, you can and should look elsewhere. Not all of their repertoire is on sale, though. Hence, you can look, but it is not the place design for this. 

And also, remember that you get free shipping on orders of over 89 dollars. That can be a lot of perfumes for you if you want to. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nordstrom Rack’s merchandise online the same as at Nordstrom Rack in-store?

You will always find something new, whether buying online or in-store. Merchandise moves quickly, however, the styles and ideas are very similar online and in-store. Inventory moves fast, so some stuff might not be in both places. 

What is a Flash Event?

Their Flash Events are curated events of items that can come in minimal quantities. Hence, when this event is over, the products may be too or returned to where they were. Therefore, you have to move fast and always be on the lookout.  

Are Nordstrom Rack Perfumes Real?

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