Is Regal Rose Ethical?-Know more

Looking fashionable is not only our desire but also the right of every human. We all go shopping throughout the year according to our needs and wishes. In the fashion industry, they introduce various new products daily. Let’s learn ‘Is Regal Rose Ethical?’.

Is Regal Rose Ethical?

As responsible citizens, we all need to be sure about the ethnicity of the product we purchase. We must have information about the source used in manufacturing the items we are buying. We must know the origin of the product and the rules followed by that country. Every country has rules and regulations for the manufacturing industry, but these are not the same.

Is Regal Rose Ethical?

As we know, regal rose is a brand operative in the e-commerce industry and is very popular among female clients. They usually offer coupons and discounts for online customers to attract more sales. Regal Rose has products made with precious metals and silver or gold-plated products. Regal Rose produces products having gemstones carved into them. ‘

As Regal Rose describes all the information about the making and raw material used in the product description, it is considered ethical. Regal Rose uses precious and semi-precious metals, stones, and labels on all the product details. However, some of the details are missing, like the sourcing. Therefore, give this article a read before deciding if the company is ethical or not!

What is actually meant by an ethical organization?

When we are talking about ethical jewelry or any other product, it means, the practice of making the products must have the lowest impact on the environment. The material used in product manufacturing must be sustainable. There must not be any labor discrimination during the process of making the product. The other thing to consider is to look that the fair compensation has been given to the worker for the work they did. 

You must be clear that the jewelry or any other item we are wearing has not affected our natural resources badly. There must not be any conflict in any of the processes from sourcing to the production of that material. 

Is Regal Rose Vegan?

Is Regal Rose vegan? The answer is yes because their jewelry is made up of metals and stones and no animal is harmed during the manufacturing process of the jewelry. There is no content of animal-like bee wax used in the jewelry that makes it non-vegan. 

In addition, some jewelry that has its stripes made with leather or silk material may be vegan. Pearls used in your jewelry item may be vegan if not obtained from natural resources. So, it depends on the jewelry you are wearing. 

Is Regal Rose Cruelty-Free?

Regal Rose is famous for its precious and semi-precious jewelry. Such jewelry is made with natural resources and is finished by experts on an industrial level. Regal Rose always describes all the contents of the jewelry item they made. 

Moreover, Regal Rose is having their established business in Uk, where a cruelty-free environment is ensured. The brand is not having any testing on the animal and hence can be considered cruelty-free. 

Regal Rose Employee Relationship

Regal Rose has a small number of employees that are lower than 50. According to information, they are having a good relationship with all of their employees which is why their business is growing day by day. 

The brand has faced many challenges in marketing strategies, but has resolved the issue and are having an increasing ratio of customers with each passing day. 

Regal Rose Product Sustainability

Regal Rose’s products range includes rings, earrings, bracelets, neckless, chains, nose pins, hair accessories, and much more. The products are made up of both solid precious metal and precious metal plated products. 

Metals used includes; Sterling Silver (925), 18K Gold, 18K Gold plated Sterling Silver (925), Sterling Silver plated (925) Brass & 18K Gold plated Brass. 

Gemstones used in their products range are original and are described in each product detail. Regal rose claims that their entire source is natural. 

Customer reviews about Regal Rose

Regal Rose is a famous brand worldwide and is much appreciated by its customers. As they often announce coupons and discounts, their products are purchased by a large number of jewelry lovers. The score based on the reviews of the customers about the Regal Rose are more than 4 stars and the brand always has satisfied customers reviews. 

You can view the reviews of their customers on their website as well as their Facebook page. All of the reviews say that their jewelry is not only stylish but is also reliable and you can use it for a long time. The customer who purchases a piece of jewelry once from the Regal Rose also goes again to buy from the brand. 


Regal rose reveals a lot of information about the product in the description and gives a guarantee. However, they have no information about the natural sources they are using in their description of precious, semi-precious stones and metals. 

To wear ethical jewelry, I recommend that you should do your part. Ask for the entire information and ensure your questions should provoke information regarding labor laws, environmental conditions, and certifications.  


Can I change my order once I have placed it?

No, the process of placement of an order is so quick, that the change of the order is not possible. 

Does Regal Rose ship worldwide?

Yes, you can see the details on their official page. 

Is Regal Rose Ethical?-Know more

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