Walgreens Return Policy-Know more

When was the last time you had to return an item? Did the store give you the run-around and ultimately you failed in returning the said item?  Stores usually have a complicated return policy to avoid paying back a buyer. That being said, some stores value your time and have a clean policy. Let’s have a look at ‘Walgreens Return Policy’.

Walgreens Return Policy

Walgreens return policy

Walgreens has physical stores as well as online shopping options. But if you want to return an item, what are the rules?

Walgreens has an easy-to-understand return policy. Any item (with exceptions) can be returned within thirty days from the date of purchase to any of the Walgreens outlets. To obtain a full refund of the price you paid during the time of purchase, you must have the original receipt with you. The refund will be made to the payment method used initially to make the purchase

Additional details on the return policy at Walmart:

If you do not have the original receipt with you, fear not. You can return the item but you won’t get the full price back and instead you will get the lowest advertised price of the item in the last 60 days. You will need to present valid ID proof such as a driver’s license, passport, etc. to authenticate the return. The refund may be in the form of store credit as a W card. (THE WALGREENS GIFT CARD). The exception to this is heavy electronic items like refrigerators or air conditioners. These need to be returned with the receipt. 

What about items bought online? 

If you bought an item from walgreens.com, you can return it to a store in your area or via mail along with the receipt. They will refund the shipping costs as well.

Items bought in-store must be returned only in-store and not by mail. 

You cannot ship any item that is classified as shipping restricted. You will have to contact customer service and follow a special process to return the item.

Return of gift items 

When you receive a gift, it usually does not include a receipt and return is out of the question. But if your gift is from Walgreens and it hasn’t been 30 days since purchase – you can return it! You may not get a refund, you will receive a store credit once you explain your situation to the manager of the store.

Return policies on specific items

If you are trying to return a cosmetic or electronic item, then the decision depends on the individual store managers. The refund may be issued in the form of store credit or gift cards.

But as aforementioned, there are certain items that cannot be returned. These exceptions are: 

  • Pharmacy items and contact lens 
  • Build your own boxes
  • Gift cards and phone cards
  • tobacco and alcohol products
  • sexual wellness products 
  • seasonal products

Pharmacy items

Drugs and prescriptions filled by the pharmacy cannot be returned or refunded by law. In cases where there is a mistake in filling the prescription, you may contact the customer services of Walgreen at  1-877-250-5823 or visit the store.

Contact lens and related items 

When contact lenses are concerned, they should not be opened, expired, and should be in their original packaging. Walgreens is more susceptible to accepting your return when the lenses are still in stock in the store. Return is accepted under specific cases such as defective lenses, a discrepancy between the ordered lens and received lens, or you just ordered the wrong lens. 

Other items like lens solutions that are bought in the lens center, can be returned in original packaging and with the receipt within thirty days. If the receipt is not available then your return window is reduced to 14 days.

Walgreen’s photo center.

 You can return or get your photo prints replaced at Walgreens. There is a provision for canceling your order within a 2-hour window from the time of order placement. If you order a photo print online, then contact customer service by email or dial the toll-free number. It is not accepted if you go to your local store. Same-day pickup orders can be returned to the store. Please note that Photo shipped to the store is not eligible for a refund.

Walgreens gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee:

This means that if you are not entirely happy or satisfied with the product you purchased – be it the quality or packaging or anything about the item, you are eligible for return. The manager of the store will be deciding upon the nature of the return.


Walgreens has a lenient return policy about most things. Just visit your nearby store to get a refund or contact customer service toll-free. You can also go to walgreens.com and check their help section.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can you return an opened item to Walgreens?

Yes, you can return an opened item within the thirty-day period along with the receipt. In case it is a consumable item or cosmetics – the store manager needs to validate the return. Items that have tags or labels can be returned without them.

2. What is the Walgreens toll-free number


Walgreens Return Policy-Know more

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