Does Safeway sell lottery tickets? – know more 

Various selected shops and other business premises spread across the US sells lottery tickets. So is Safeway one of them? If you want to find out this, keep on reading. So does Safeway sell lottery tickets?

Does Safeway sell lottery tickets?

As of 2022, Safeway sells various lottery tickets at their stores located in the US and Canada. A variety of these tickets is available at Safeway’s customer care desk. 

If you are into the lottery and want to find out what types of lotteries Safeway sells, their cost, and more, you are on the right page. Keep on reading.

Types of lottery tickets sold at Safeway

There are several lottery tickets available out there. However, Safeway avails tickets in most stores, including Super lotto, Powerball, and Mega Millions. Other keys may also be found at some Safeway stores. If you want to try your luck on them, hit the Safeway customer care desk and be advised accordingly. 

Modes of payment Safeway accept for lottery tickets

Safeway accepts numerous payment methods for its products. However, not all these methods are accepted when buying a lottery ticket. Lottery tickets are not considered as part of Safeway’s merchandise. They are therefore supposed to be paid using a different method. When purchasing these lottery tickets, loyalty cards, Safeway app, Debit cards, credit cards, and other cashless forms are not accepted. The only acceptable method is cash. 

Where to buy lottery tickets at Safeway?

Lottery tickets are available at the customer service desk or the checkout; the latter is the most common place to find lottery tickets for purchase. Not all Safeway stores sell tickets, so if you are into the lottery and are wondering whether your local store avails some, it is essential to inquire before a visit

Other stores that sell lottery tickets

Besides Safeway, other stores sell lottery tickets; such stores are grocery stores, drugstores, restaurants, and clubs, to mention a few. Examples of these other stores are Walmart, Target, and Kroger. In Canada,  Some of the stores that sell lotto tickets are; Nester Market, Real Canadian Wholesale Club, London Drugs, and Extra foods. The list is not exhaustive.

Legal requirements for buying lottery tickets at Safeway

Gambling is an activity that can be addictive and is recommended for mature individuals. The US laws place an age restriction of 18 yrs and above for one to participate in the gambling business. Individuals above 18 yrs from any nation can buy lotto tickets sold in the US and claim rewards if they are the lucky winners. 

Redeeming a lottery ticket bought at Safeway

A winning ticket bought at Safeway cannot be redeemed at Safeway or any other vendor mainly because the lottery retailer may want to hold a publicity event, and the fact that vendor may not have enough cash to give out the reward

Are lottery tickets sold in Canadian Safeway stores?

In light of COVID-19, some Safeway stores in Alberta have suspended the selling of lottery tickets to practice the safety measure more realistically. These measures include avoiding overcrowding, keeping social distance, and reducing the number of people interacting with the staff. However, some stores in Canada still sell lottery tickets and offer redemption services. Again, to find out if your local Safeway stores are selling tickets, phone the customer service desk to inquire.

Can the lottery tickets be bought online?

The lottery and other gambling businesses are sometimes marred with frauds and schemes that may not promote fair and honest gambling. The US chips in federal and state laws to protect the consumers from possible exploitation by gambling sites. So is it possible to purchase a lottery ticket online? Despite all the risks and uncertainties about the authenticity of the tickets sold online, some states in the US strictly permit the online selling of lottery tickets. 

However, websites selling these tickets are vetted thoroughly for criminal records and likely intentions to commit frauds before being cleared to sell tickets online. Other measures include allowing only the residents of that particular state to purchase an online ticket and using apps that detect the user’s location and thus prohibit a purchase from forbidden zones. As of 2020, only a few states sell lotto tickets online, including North Carolina, North Dakota, Michigan, and Kentucky.


Most Safeway stores sell standard lottery tickets, including Powerball, SuperLotto, and Mega Millions. These tickets are sold to anybody above 18 and within the US at the time of purchase. Only cash is accepted for exchange with the tickets available at the customer service desk. These tickets can also be bought online in specific states at a price range of $1 to $3

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a ticket cost at Safeway?

Generally, any ticket sold ranges from $1 to $3. At Safeway, Powerball tickets cost $2, those of Mega Millions cost $2, while those of SuperLotto costs $1 per play

How long do you have to claim a lottery ticket?

All draw games must be claimed within 180 days after the draw day

At what time can you buy Lotto tickets at Safeway?

Opening and closing times vary depending on the locations, but the most common is between 6 am and 12 pm. You can purchase anything at any Safeway store during this time

Does Safeway sell lottery tickets? – know more 

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