Does Sam’s Club Have Layaway?

Sam’s club is a warehouse store chain owned by Walmart and named after the owner of Walmart, Sam Walton. It was founded in 1983 as a membership-only warehouse. It sells merchandise in bulk and at discounted rates to the public, although, it was initially established to give small businesses an easy start. Let’s have a look at ‘Does Sam’s Club Have Layaway?’.

Does Sams Club Have Layaway?

Layaway is a method of purchase whereby a customer makes a down payment, the vendor then reserves the item for them as they pay the remaining sum in installments, after which the customer will gain possession of their buy. It is a convenient way to acquire items especially when money is tight. Unfortunately, Sam’s club does not provide a layaway program for its customers.

About Sam’s Club

Sam’s club is known to target high-income customers; however, this should not serve to deter anyone from giving them a try. They have chains that deal with every retail solution you could think of, from jewelry to tasty treats in their bakeries for the sweet tooth connoisseurs.

All these attributes are further compounded by their cost-effectiveness. Sam’s Club is highly acclaimed for striking the quality to price ratio just right. 

Sam’s club Order and Delivery

You can order items online from the Sam’s Club Website or go to the stores in person. You can locate the nearest store by using Sam’s Club finder and visiting their stores. You may be required to fill in a form if you need your items delivered to your home.

Small Parcel Delivery

Small items are normally delivered within 2 to 9 days depending on whether you use express, premium, standard, or value shipping. This does not include order processing time. Bad weather may affect delivery periods.

Freight Delivery

Bulky items that cannot be shipped out as parcels will be delivered by a freight carrier. After agreeing on the delivery time, the carrier will deliver the items in one of three ways.

  • Commercial delivery– this caters to businesses mostly. Items are pushed to the back of the truck and the business will have to handle offloading arrangements. Trucks usually pull into loading docks.
  • Threshold delivery– in this method, items are dropped off and offloaded onto the first dry ground available at the address given.
  • White-Glove delivery– this method will have the carriers take care of offloading, packing, and disposal services. Items will even be carried up 2 flights of stairs and arranged in the desired rooms.

Sam’s club utilizes several payment methods. They take cash, debit and credit cards, and even gift cards.

Sam’s Club membership

Having a membership has its benefits. Sam’s Club offers two membership categories. There is the Club membership which costs $45 annually and comes with exclusive savings incentives on Sam’s Club merchandise. Next is the Plus membership which offers additional benefits including discount prescriptions and 3% cashback on the Sam’s Club Mastercard.

Shopping without a membership

There are certain ways in which a non-member can get to enjoy Sam’s Club membership experience without having to subscribe.

Using a grocery delivery service such as Instacart is a loophole that one can use to access Sam’s club deals for free.

Signing up for a guest pass online gives a user 24 hours to use Sam’s Club facilities at a 10% service charge.

Open house events held once a year give the general public a chance to explore Sam’s club facilities, inspecting their quality and prices for a day before investing in a membership. Take full advantage of these opportunities to try out their wide array of merchandise.


Sam’s Club does not provide layaway services but they do give plenty of payment methods. Customers interested in using layaway payment plans should try other store chains such as Walmart and TJ Maxx.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to work for Sam’s Club Bakery?

Sam’s club has generally faced criticism over its poor work environment and treatment of employees compared to the competition.

Does Sam’s Club make deliveries?

Yes, they do. They deliver light parcels and bulky items as well.  The client can choose the pick-up option if it’s more convenient. Using delivery carriers such as Instacart is another way of having items delivered from Sam’s Club stores.

Does Sam’s Club have curbside pick-up?

Yes, they do have the curbside pick-up. All you have to do is make an order via their app and once they notify you that it is ready for pick-up, head to the store and park in a curbside pick-up spot. Sam’s Club personnel will load up your order into your vehicle.

What is the difference between Layaway and Hire Purchase?

Layaway entails having a vendor reserve an item for you until you are done paying for it. Under hire purchase, you get to use your item as you make installments on it over an agreed-upon period.

Does Sam’s Club Have Layaway?

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